Braveland - Pirate
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Braveland - Pirate

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Braveland - Pirate invites you aboard a strategy game that's witty, fun, and anything but smooth sailing... Fight hordes of undead, and find chests of gold! Aye crew, to arms!

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A real pirate needs nothing but the sea, a ship, and a few loyal men... Command and conquer captain!

Set sail for Braveland - Pirate together with a fleet of witty warriors! After joining a pirate crew, Jim narrowly escapes near death. Ghastly rivals blow his ship to pieces, leaving the brave men to their fate. But all hope is not lost, as our hero still holds part of the Eternal Treasure map. Will you continue the hunt, and fend off the ocean’s horrors? You're in command in Braveland - Pirate!
  • command and conquer as you move pirate units across sea-based boards
  • step up your strategy in an adventure that's anything but smooth sailing
  • aim for seafaring stardom as you train the strongest fleet to sail the seas
  • find the Eternal Treasure in Easy, Normal or Hard mode