Botanica - Earthbound Platinum Edition
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Botanica - Earthbound Platinum Edition

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Botanica - Earthbound Platinum Edition is a hidden object adventure following Ellie Wright as she seeks her long-lost father in a mysterious and dangerous world...

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Survive a volcanic eruption, find your long-lost father, and find your way back home...all in a day's work!

Botanica - Earthbound Platinum Edition is an exciting hidden object adventure through Botanica, where a volcano has just erupted! Play as Ellie Wright and Ian Garrett, two scientists who want nothing more than to reunite with their families. As they search for a way back to Earth, however, they soon find themselves with quite a few obstacles in their path in Botanica - Earthbound Platinum Edition.
  • play as two unique characters
  • explore tons of beautifully drawn hidden object scenes
  • help Ellie find her long-lost father
  • save everyone from a terrifying volcanic eruption