Blue Tear
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Blue Tear

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Play Blue Tear, a hidden object game, and save your friends from an ancient source of evil! Jessica's the only person who can correct her ancestor's mistake.

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In Blue Tear, you need to correct the mistake of an ancestor and save your friends. Play right away!

Blue Tear is a mysterious hidden object quest to correct your ancestor's mistake and save your best friends! Jessica's visit to an old mansion she inherited turns into a nightmare when her friends become trapped inside the house. She soon finds out she's the only one who can stop the source of this evil, the Black Wizard. Help her out in Blue Tear today!
  • help haunting spirits find peace in this mystic hidden object game
  • explore more than 30 gorgeously designed locations
  • assemble a talisman to fight evil
  • find useful items, solve puzzles, and travel through space and time