Be Richest!
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Be Richest!

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Play Be Richest! and bring a city back to its former glory after the mayor leaves it in ruins. Create your own business empire and help the city flourish once again!

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Play Be Richest! and help a city flourish once again after the corrupt mayor leaves it in ruins!

Discover Be Richest! and help the people of a city in need! A once beautiful city is left in ruins when the corrupt mayor steals all the city's funds. Can you start your own business and restore this city to its former glory? Expand your business as you restore homes and businesses, keep residents happy, and bring justice to the mayor who started it all. Grab your hard hat and play Be Richest!
  • expand your small business empire as you restore a city in need
  • bring the corrupt mayor who left the city in ruin to justice
  • build and restore residential and commercial houses and buildings
  • keep residents happy by building the things they need and let the city flourish again