Barbarous 3 - Family Secrets

Barbarous 3 - Family Secrets

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Barbarous 3 - Family Secrets joins Emyr in a Time Management quest to reunite with his long-lost wife and save the world! Will this GameHouse Premiere have a happy ending?

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A GameHouse Premiere Exclusive! Join Emyr in a Time Management game packed with adventure and humor.

Barbarous 3 - Family Secrets joins Emyr and Lyselle on an epic quest to reunite with Emyr's long-lost wife, Kintara! As they journey into the deep abyss to find Kintara, an ancient evil threatens the world, and it's up to Emyr and his companions to stop it. Will their efforts be in vain or can they defeat the malevolent force? Find out in the GameHouse Premiere of Barbarous 3 - Family Secrets!
  • Save the world over 60 adventurous Time Management levels!
  • Reunite with beloved characters and embrace fresh faces.
  • Explore captivating new locations and revisit the classics.
  • Grab a sword and head into the abyss for a brighter future!

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