Azada - In Libro Platinum Edition
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Azada - In Libro Platinum Edition

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In Azada - In Libro Platinum Edition, a spectacular hidden object game, you need to travel to Prague and save the different worlds inside of a magical book!

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Play Azada - In Libro Platinum Edition and save the three breathtaking worlds inside a magical book!

Discover Azada - In Libro Platinum Edition and travel to Prague for an unforgettable hidden object adventure! An inheritance leads you to a magical book, where unbelievably you find out you’ve been chosen to save three worlds inside the book. Can you stop an evil magician who's planning on taking over Azada? Protect and save three breathtaking worlds and enjoy Azada - In Libro Platinum Edition!
  • discover a mysterious inheritance and save the three worlds inside a magical book
  • explore the three breathtaking worlds and search for useful items
  • complete clever puzzles and solve all sorts of situations and obstacles on your way
  • enjoy a captivating storyline, beautiful graphics and an exciting soundtrack