Azada - Elementa Platinum Edition
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Azada - Elementa Platinum Edition

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Play Azada - Elementa Platinum Edition and wake up to a bizarre dream come true! Azada's elements mysteriously disappear and as the Chosen One you have to restore the balance...

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Azada - Elementa Platinum Edition welcomes you to amazing worlds filled with wondrous adventures!

In Azada - Elementa Platinum Edition surreal dreams intertwine with reality. One bewildering morning you're called out as the Chosen One. The wondrous world of Azada needs you! Water, fire and air oddly disappear and only the elemental mages can save Azada from this ill-hearted plunder. Can you summon them in time? Beware! Nothing is as it seems in Azada - Elementa Platinum Edition!
  • journey through enchanting worlds and meet magical creatures
  • earn critter coins to dress and nurture your own cuddly sidekick
  • play through ever-surprising mini-games and riddles
  • beware the many twists and turns hiding in every startling scene