Asian Riddles 4
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Asian Riddles 4

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Asian Riddles 4 is the logical mosaic-tile puzzle game that brings the spirit of the Orient to you. Solve numerical puzzles and discover hidden patterns galore!

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Embrace the spirit of the Orient as you solve logic-based mosaic puzzles!

Asian Riddles 4 is a mosaic puzzle game that features logic, not chance! Use your skills to solve numerical puzzles and discover hidden patterns. Play through 180 unique levels spread across 12 locations, inspired by the beauty of Japanese culture and crosswords. So sit back and relax - calm music is provided - and treat yourself to Asian Riddles 4!
  • play through 180 unique levels across 12 locations
  • solve puzzles with logic-based gameplay
  • bask in eastern culture with puzzles and graphics inspired by Japanese designs
  • enjoy relaxing music and over 15 hours of gameplay