Artists of Fortune - Distant Worlds
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Artists of Fortune - Distant Worlds

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Artists of Fortune - Distant Worlds sends you to discover the colorful parts of space. Join a team of artists for an Intergalactic Painting Tournament!

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Get ready for a colorful pixel art adventure in space!

Artists of Fortune - Distant Worlds sets off a journey to outer space! A team of talented artists has received an invitation to the Intergalactic Painting Tournament. Will they return to their home planet as champions? Choose between numerous extraterrestrial riddles and color the numbers to bring them to life. Discover five exotic planets and more in Artists of Fortune - Distant Worlds!
  • Discover artwork that's out of this world and bring it to life!
  • Complete quests and collect shiny rewards.
  • Discover smooth animations and bright special effects.
  • Play 100 exciting levels across 5 exotic planets!