Artifact Quest 2
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Artifact Quest 2

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Artifact Quest 2 is a Match 3 adventure that will take you to a tropical island. Find ancient treasures as you aid Jess the archaeologist.

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Travel together with Jess the archaeologist to a tropical island and find ancient treasures.

Artifact Quest 2 is your ticket to an archaeological adventure. Join archaeologist Jess as she travels to a tropical island decimated by a volcanic eruption. Find treasures, help locals, and rebuild the island paradise. Only by finding seven ancient artifacts will you be able to calm the volcano. Have you met your match? Find out in Match 3 adventure Artifact Quest 2!
  • play a unique mix of Match 3 and Collapse Puzzle genres
  • conquer 150 fun levels
  • race against the clock or relax with different modes
  • restore the island paradise to its natural splendor