Art Passion

Art Passion

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Art Passion unveils a captivating story! Help Antonio restore his paintings while solving 150 challenging puzzles in this engaging GameHouse Premiere exclusive.

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A GameHouse Premiere Exclusive! Help Antonio restore his ruined artwork!

Art Passion unveils a captivating story! Antonio's dream of showcasing his art is in danger when his paintings are ruined only a week before his exhibition. Determined to bring his dream to fruition, he begins the arduous task of restoring his paintings. Relax and have fun with 150 engaging puzzles and help make Antonio's dream come true in the GameHouse Premiere of Art Passion!
  • Explore 150 Japanese crossword puzzles!
  • Restore unique artwork and unlock hidden paintings.
  • Train your brain and abstract thinking.
  • Help Antonio so the world can see his remarkable talent!