Art Mahjong 3
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Art Mahjong 3

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Art Mahjong 3 pulls the player into a world of tiled themes and calming backgrounds. Have fun while training your brain to solve each unique puzzle!

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Art Mahjong 3 is a great way to keep your brain engaged while enjoying a relaxing puzzle.

Art Mahjong 3 is a wonderful way to enjoy the experience of mahjong. With plenty of tile, background and board options to choose from, players can test their mahjong skills in a number of levels and styles. A great game for both beginners and expert mahjong players. Get the most from mahjong with Art Mahjong 3.
  • plenty of unique puzzles to solve
  • experiment on different backgrounds and tilesets
  • train your brain and test your solving speed
  • great for beginners or veterans