Around the World Mosaics 2
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Around the World Mosaics 2

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Around the World Mosaics 2 invites you on a journey around the globe. Immerse yourself in the history of famous cultural hotspots while solving mosaic puzzles.

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Travel around the world and visit historical cities while solving classic mosaic puzzles.

Around the World Mosaics 2 takes you on an inspiring journey around the world. Learn interesting facts about your destinations, all from the comfort of home! Solve intriguing and increasingly-challenging mosaic puzzles using logic while you take in the sights. Are you ready to start traveling? Pack your bags for Around the World Mosaics 2!
  • Solve 80 puzzles across 8 different countries.
  • Enjoy relaxing music unique to each location.
  • Take in beautiful sights while solving puzzles.
  • Learn interesting facts about places all over the world.