Arcane Arts Academy

Arcane Arts Academy

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Arcane Arts Academy is a magical story-driven Time Management game. Join a young witch during her first year at a magical college in this GameHouse Premiere exclusive!

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A GameHouse Premiere Exclusive! Embark on your first year as a magical college student at the Arcane Arts Academy.

Arcane Arts Academy is a story-driven Time Management game brimming with magic. Join rebellious Erika as she adjusts to her new life as a magical college student. Make new friends, and maybe even find love—but something sinister lurks in the shadows! Master your magical abilities and embark on a bewitching adventure full of toil and trouble in the GameHouse Premiere exclusive Arcane Arts Academy!
  • Join young witches and wizards at a magical academy.
  • Play 60 story-driven Time Management levels.
  • Experience twists and turns in 120 beautiful cutscenes.
  • Spend diamonds and decorate Erika's dorm room!

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