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Aquitania is an incredible journey through a mythical land between home and your dreams. Can you complete tons of 3-in-a-row challenges?

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Enjoy Aquitania and travel to a wonderful mythical land full of 3-in-a-row challenges!

Play Aquitania and enjoy an amazing 3-in-a-row adventure! Are you ready to travel to the beautiful lands of Aquitania, a place between your home and dreams? Make sure you're prepared for wonderful 3-in-a-row challenges then. It's up to you to solve puzzles, discover lost towns, and to save people in the great Aquitania !
  • travel to the wonderful Aquitania, a beautiful place that will blow your mind
  • discover incredible lost towns and save people on your amazing journey
  • play over 11 challenging episodes and collect all 11 fantastic treasures
  • enjoy fun bonuses, beautiful special effects, and inspiring sounds