Apothecarium World
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Apothecarium World

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Apothecarium World is a beautifully drawn hidden object adventure across Italy, in search of the legendary town of Apothecarium.

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Renaissance Italy has been hit by the plague. A legendary city may hold the cure, but does it even exist?

Apothecarium World is a mysterious hidden object adventure in search of a cure for a malicious malady. Legends speak of a hidden city of alchemists and scientists, which may hold the key to this contagious conundrum. The city is called Apothecarium, and it is up to you to save the people of Italy and stop the plague in Apothecarium World!
  • immerse in a compelling and mysterious adventure
  • explore Italy during the Renaissance
  • enjoy over 60 unique locations
  • stop the plague and uncover Apothecarium