Angkor - Runefall
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Angkor - Runefall

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Angkor - Runefall tells a magical story of trial and triumph. Accompany a bright, young mage apprentice as they attempt to uncover the source of a catastrophe.

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A secret village is threatened by a catastrophe. A bright, young mage apprentice is their only hope!

Angkor - Runefall tells the story of a hidden village of magicians. When catastrophe strikes, only one person is capable of using the ancient runes necessary to combat the magic: a bright young apprentice mage! Uncover the secret behind the strange event, brave hidden dangers, and save the village from annihilation. Play Angkor - Runefall today!
  • match your way to success in 100 Match 3 levels
  • discover new runes with magnificent powers
  • explore the magical wildlands of Angkor
  • uncover the secret behind the village catastrophe!