Amanda's Sticker Book
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Amanda's Sticker Book

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In Amanda's Sticker Book, a challenging match 3 game, you need to help Amanda restore her sticker book to win a $5,000 prize that's enough for her dream vacation to Hawaii!

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Discover Amanda's Sticker Book, an exciting match 3 game, and help Amanda win a sticker book competition!

Explore Amanda's Sticker Book, a challenging match 3 adventure, and help Amanda restore her sticker book! Her brother has ruined her masterpiece, and the heartbroken Amanda needs to fix it in time to compete in an annual sticker book competition. She needs to win the $5,000 grand prize to go on her dream vacation to Hawaii. Can you help her win? Find out now and play Amanda's Sticker Book!
  • help Amanda restore her masterpiece and win the sticker book competition
  • play 79 exciting match 3 levels and explore 5 different rooms
  • enjoy tons of match 3 challenges, power-ups, and useful tools
  • earn points to complete all the sticker book upgrades