Alice's Patchwork 2
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Alice's Patchwork 2

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Alice's Patchwork 2 is an original take on the classic puzzle genre! Can you make beautiful mosaics out of a wide variety of colorful fragments?

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Are you a true puzzle fan? You're in for a real treat with this unique take on your favorite Mosaic Puzzles!

Alice's Patchwork 2 is a unique take on your favorite mosaic puzzles! Get ready to give your brain a workout, and put your mind to the test. You'll have to work fast, as the puzzles will get more challenging with every level. Put all the pieces in the right place, and a beautiful picture will be revealed. If you love a good puzzle, you'll love Alice's Patchwork 2!
  • travel to Wonderland and Looking-Glass Land for an amazing puzzle experience
  • show your puzzling skills in 120 challenging and colorful levels
  • take a stroll down memory lane and meet characters from your childhood
  • complete special tasks and try to earn all the achievements"