Alice's Jigsaw Time Travel
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Alice's Jigsaw Time Travel

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Alice's Jigsaw Time Travel cordially invites you to a tea party brimming with mythical mosaic puzzles. Can you handle the madness of these brainteasers?

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Follow Alice on a mythical adventure through the mysterious flow of time.

Alice's Jigsaw Time Travel cordially invites you to partake in a mosaic game topped with just a bit of madness! Assemble 100 mosaic brainteasers featuring fantastical themes including tea parties, white rabbits, curious clocks, cunning chessboards, and more. Solve perplexing puzzles spread across 5 wonderous worlds. Dive into Alice's Jigsaw Time Travel today!
  • Solve 100 unique and unusual brainteaser puzzles.
  • Reacquaint yourself with a cast of classical characters.
  • Explore 5 exciting worlds linked by the passage of time.
  • Embrace the fantasy with gameplay suitable for all ages.