Alchemy Odyssey - Rise of Shadows
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Alchemy Odyssey - Rise of Shadows

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Alchemy Odyssey - Rise of Shadows embarks on an epic Match 3 quest! Battle the Necromancer's dark forces, uncover mysteries, and forge alliances in diverse landscapes.

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Unite realms and forge legends in a mythical Match 3 quest!

Alchemy Odyssey - Rise of Shadows embarks on a gripping fantasy quest against the Necromancer's dark forces! Play as Elara, Neria, Brogar, and allies, uniting elemental realms to defy a growing threat. Traverse diverse landscapes, battle ghosts, and solve enchanted mysteries as you play mighty Match 3 puzzles. Wield mythical powers to aid Elara's journey in Alchemy Odyssey - Rise of Shadows!
  • Follow Elara's quest over 72 mighty Match 3 levels!
  • Solve puzzles to gather resources and unlock upgrades.
  • Forge alliances with elves, dwarves, hobbits, and orcs.
  • Explore diverse landscapes haunted by ancestral ghosts!