Adam Wolfe Platinum Edition
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Adam Wolfe Platinum Edition

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In Adam Wolfe Platinum Edition, investigate this paranormal case in a hidden world under the modern San Francisco, filled with ghosts, artifacts, Secret Orders and curses!

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Adam Wolfe, detective of the supernatural, dives into the darkness of San Francisco's underworld to find his missing sister.

In Adam Wolfe Platinum Edition we step into the shoes of paranormal investigator Adam Wolfe, who is haunted by the images of his missing sister Allie. Driven to the dark alleys of San Francisco, Adam faces Secret societies, unnatural afflictions, and ancient covenants. supernatural phenomenon intertwined with the criminal underworld await in Adam Wolfe Platinum Edition!
  • overcome challenging puzzles
  • play 4 episodes in 4 difficulty settings
  • investigate 53 unique locations
  • marvel at the stunning graphics