Abandoned - Chestnut Lodge Asylum
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Abandoned - Chestnut Lodge Asylum

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In Abandoned - Chestnut Lodge Asylum, a hidden object game, you need to find out what your dreams have to do with an abandoned asylum.

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Play Abandoned - Chestnut Lodge Asylum, a hidden object nightmare, and investigate an asylum.

Abandoned - Chestnut Lodge Asylum is a frightening hidden object game! The same horrific nightmare haunts you every night, until one day, you see the building in your dream on TV. A young boy is found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft, which you also keep seeing in your nightmares. What does this building have to do with you? Find out in Abandoned - Chestnut Lodge Asylum!
  • solve the mystery in this scary hidden object game
  • collect items and put them in your inventory for later use
  • unlock doors, solve puzzles, and use your wits to overcome challenges
  • enjoy extra's like achievements and wallpapers