9 Clues 2 - The Ward
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9 Clues 2 - The Ward

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9 Clues 2 - The Ward is a must-play for every hidden object puzzle fan! Dig up secrets that are buried at a forgotten psychiatric ward and unravel a huge mystery.

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9 Clues 2 - The Ward brings you true hidden object puzzle excitement! Can you dig up all buried secrets?

9 Clues 2 - The Ward is a hidden object puzzle adventure that will send shivers down your spine! As a private investigator, you need to investigate a distressing call from a forgotten psychiatric ward. As soon as you arrive, you witness a suicide. Or was it a murder? Find out what's going on at this eerie place and dig up all the buried secrets in the thrilling 9 Clues 2 - The Ward!
  • investigate the strange occurrences in a forgotten psychiatric hospital in 1950's America
  • explore tons of thrilling locations and hidden object scenes, and search for clues and leads
  • go into Detective Mode and solve crime scenes by placing clues in the right order
  • solve over 18 exciting mini-games and unlock 39 challenging achievements