1000 Light-Years Away
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1000 Light-Years Away

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In 1000 Light-Years Away, you need to help the genius inventor Togard retrieve his time machine that is stolen by the evil Origon!

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Play 1000 Light-Years Away and help a genius inventor recover a stolen time machine!

Play 1000 Light-Years Away and enjoy an exciting 3-in-a-row adventure in outer space! Togard, the guardian of the time machine, is very worried. The time machine is missing and stolen by the interstellar villain Origon. It's up to you to help Togard recover the time machine. Can you use your amazing 3-in-a-row skills to find it and to defeat Origon? Play 1000 Light-Years Away now!
  • help genius inventor Togard recover a valuable stolen time machine
  • travel through space in order to find the evil thief Origon and defeat him
  • play tons of challenging 3-in-a-row lay-outs in 80 exciting levels
  • enjoy a funny comic story, special quests, and amazing power-ups