10 Days Under The Sea
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10 Days Under The Sea

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Save your sister from a strange spell in this hidden object adventure.

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Dive in to a thrilling hidden object adventure.

Dive in to a thrilling hidden object adventure in 10 Days Under the Sea. Returning home from a pleasant day beneath the waves, you're startled to discover your little sister, Carrie, has gone missing! The only clue is an ancient, and incomplete, compass she left behind. Suddenly, your sister appears before you as a ghost, separated from her body by the spell of a strange old man. Now, in order to save your sister's spirit, you must embark on a global treasure hunt to track down the missing pieces of the strange compass. Search for cleverly hidden objects in exotic locations like the Caribbean, the Sea of Japan, and more. Who is the mysterious figure that is holding your sister hostage? What secrets will the compass reveal? Try and discover the answers to these questions and more in 10 Days Under the Sea.
  • Search for hidden objects in a variety of exotic locations
  • Save your sister and solve a strange mystery
  • Feed and photograph fish throughout your journey
  • Solve challenging mini-games
  • Earn special bonuses and helpful hints