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By Roald Craenen

Leet Speak Cheat Sheet

Cheat your way from n00b to l33t

1f y0u c4n r34d 7h15 y0u r34lly n33d 70 637 4 l1f3! (If you can read this you really need to get a life!) Well... Thank you... I guess? If you're like me, chances are you had no problem reading that sentence. I'm sure you'd agree it's a slightly insulting sentence to say the least. But the truth is most people struggle to understand what it's all about, if they're able to understand it at all. That’s why I thought it might be helpful to create this l33t sp34k ch34t sh33t (or leet speak cheat sheet!) that’ll help you cheat your way from n00b to l33t in no time.


Almost a decade before Tim Berners-Lee's World Wide Web saw its first light of day back in 1991, leet speak was born. Back then when the internet was coming up, most search functionalities simply looked for keywords in text to show relevant documents. Hackers weren't very keen on having their information displayed on websites, bulletin boards, newsgroups or any other place, so they started to replace certain letters in words. It started out with simple vowel substitutions like a 4 instead of an A, or a 3 instead of an E. This meant that topics like cracking or hacking remained undetected.

One other (conspiracy) theory is that leet speak was invented as a way to beat automatic government surveillance programs, such as the legendary Echelon program.

In that period leet speak existed only in small circles, and was only used when necessary. It originated within bulletin boards, where someone having an ""elite"" status meant he or she was allowed access to file folders, games and chat rooms. But it wasn't until the addition of internet connectivity to one of the most influential titles in the video games industry, Doom and Doom II that the use of leet speak exploded.

From there on leet speak evolved from a method to mislead search functionalities into a language for online gamers to describe formidable prowess or accomplishment. Phrases such as "1 4m 3l33t!" (I am elite!) were thrown around to demonstrate someone was an experienced gamer (or hacker).

Leet speak alphabet

The leet speak alphabet in its simplest form substitutes vowels, but it can be pretty complex when substituting consonants as well. The table below shows several ways every letter of the alphabet can be replaced, starting with the most common substitutions at the top, moving to more fancy ones further down.







Numbers and leet speak

It's not only letters that are substituted with numbers, numbers can be substituted by letters too. Although substituting numbers by letters isn't as common as the fore mentioned in leet speak. But for those of you who seek more obfuscation and frustration, the list below will definitely help you with that, and will probably help you get quickly accepted amongst the gaming community.



In addition to substituting letters and numbers, more advanced leet speak uses various suffixes. In most cases this ads more complexity and thus makes sentences and words harder to read and understand. The most common suffixes are z's and ed's, that can simply be added to words like lol (lolz) without changing its meaning. Other more complex suffixes are described below.

-zorzPuts extra emphasis on a word (mostly used to add sarcasm)To pwn someone, means you defeated him, to pwnzorz someone means you really defeated him
-xor/-zorDerivation of agent nouns from a verb stem. Substitution for -er or -rThe word "hacker" could be transformend into h4ck3r, but by using this suffix, it becomes h4x0r (The o is often replaced by a 0)
-ageDerivation of a noun from a verb stemWhen you pwn someone, that was total pwnage
-nessDerivation of a noun from an adjective stemYou sir, possess lots of leetness
-edReplacing the -e of past participle endings with an apostrophe or omiting it completelyThe word "pwned" becomes "pwn'd" or might become "pwnd"
-&Words containing -and-, -anned- or - ant- (or similar sounds) are replaced by ampersands (&)Sandbox becomes &box, banned becomes b&

Leet speak vocabulary

Of course any word or sentence can be transformed into leet speak, but there are some words unique to it. Below you'll find all of these words, their meaning and even some sound bites to help you fully master leet speak. Be aware these are a combination of regular words transformed into leet speak, but also various terms used by online gamers.

0wn, p0wn, pwn, pwned, pwnd, owned, pwning, pwnage, 0w|\|, 0wn3d, 0wn4ge, p0wn4geTo own someone, or to beat someone's ass in a very humiliating wayPlay
13wt, l00tLoot or treasure, the reward you get when steeling someone else's stuffPlay
aiArtificial Intelligence; Characters that seem human
aiming botA piece of software that automatically aims and locks on targets or other players to kill them more easily
boomstick, BFG, big fucking gunA weapon that inflicts an awesome amount of damage
bossThe "bad guy" that has to be beaten to win the game. Bosses usually occur at the end of games, or at the end of crucial chapters of a game
bot, NPC, monster, mobsNon-playable character, or a robot, is a character controlled by the computerPlay
bug, glitchAn error in computer code that causes unwanted behavior
bunny hop, bunny hoppingRapidly jumping up and down and moving all over the place so you're a more difficult target to kill
camperA gamer that stays in the same spot, waiting for other players to walk by and then shooting them
cheaterSomeone who doesn't play fair. Often times unskilled players call skilled players (l33ts) cheaters, because they can't stand how good they really are.
ctfCapture the flag, a game type in which players have to capture each others flags
d00d, d00dzDude, as an expression of comraderyPlay
easter eggsUsually small hidden features inside a game that don't contribute to the actual gameplay or storyline, but are there mostly for amusement purposes only
exp, xpExperience Points, the level of experience a gamer has in a certain game
f00Fool, or an unskillful playerPlay
flakDebris from an explosion
fragging, dropping, capping, icing, wastingKilling another playerPlay
god modeThis mode renders players invulnerable, so they can't be killed and/or have unlimited ammunition or moneyPlay
h4x0r, haxor, HaXXor, h4XXorA real hacker or someone with really awesome gaming skillsPlay
high-ping bastard, HPBPeople with a crappy internet connection
instagibA game mode in which players usually have just one weapon with unlimited ammo
j0Yo! Hi! Hello! What's up!
kickedIf you cheat in a game and get banned from playing that game, you're kicked from it
l33t, 1337, leetElite, skilled playerPlay
l4m3r, llama, lameA lamer is person who has very little energy and is always cutting cornersPlay
level upImproving your character's ability and skills
lobbyA chat room in a multiplayer game
low-ping bastard, LPBPeople with a really fast internet connection
m4dMad, mostly used as an adjective like "I h4z g0t m4d sk1llz!". Or even marked for death
MMORPGMassive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
n00b, nwb, noob, tool t00l, newbie, boon, b00n, tool, t00lAn unskilled player or newbiePlay
npNo problem
omg, 0mg, 0mfg, OMG, OMGWTFBBQOh My God, or with a bit more emphasis, Oh My Fucking God. Used to describe jawdropping events that weren't anticipatedPlay
patchA software update for a game that fixes bugs and glitches
PCA playable character that is controlled by a real human being
ph33r, ph34rFear, as in "Fear me!"Play
Pr0n, n0rpA deliberate misspelling of the word pornPlay
r0x0r, r0x0rzRocks, as in, OMG that dude rocks!
sk1llz, sk1ll, sk1ll3d, m4d sk1llzSkills
spawn, sp4wn, respawnWhen you're killed in a game, you're brought back to life so you can participate again
sry, srry, soz, sozzSorry
sux0rSucks, as in something that isn't entirely rosyPlay
tauntProvoking, usually done when killing an opponent and telling him/her you're more l33t the he/she is
teh, t3hA popular misspelling for the word "the"Play
telefrag, teleportation fragKilling someone by teleporting yourself to the exact same location as your opponent. Sometimes it kills both players, in some games though it's a method used by more skilled players to kill others
über, |_|83rThe most awesomePlay
w00tYay! An expression of great joy and happinessPlay
noobcannon, n00bc4nn0nA weapon that inflicts a lot of damage, but doesn't require much skill to use
gibs, gibbedWet bodily fragments, to gib someone is to kill someone and then the corpse explodes
lagSlow internet connectivity, reducing response times and creating sluggish gameplayPlay
clanA group of gamers that teamed up and fight together
sploitzExploits, vulnerabilities in computer software abused by hackers
spray, sprayingFiring lots of bullets in the hope of killing someone, instead of aiming accurately
ph4t, phat, ph@Awesome or coolPlay
trollingMaking fun of someone
wallhackCheat software that enables players to see and shoot through walls
rank h00r, stat h00rSomeone who cares too much his stats in a way that it affects his normal game play


Leet speak has come a long way since the '80s and has evolved a bit over time. This is especially true in online gaming, where you'll find a mix of leet speak and abbreviations. This too can be a bit confusing, since there are so many variations. Most of them are undoubtedly used in various chat rooms, instant messengers, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other form of digital communication. That's why some of the obvious ones are omitted to present you with only the more colorful abbreviations.

A&DAttack and Defend
AFAIKAs Far As I Know
AFKAway From Keyboard
ATMAt The Moment
BAFBring A Friend
BBIMBe Back In a Minute
BBLBe Back Later
BBSBe Back Soon
BRBBe Right Back
BTWBy The Way
CUSee You
DMDeath Match
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FBFlash Bang grenade
FFAFree For All
FFSFor Fuck's Sake
FHFull Health
G2G, GTGGot To Go
GAGo Ahead
GDGod Damn
GFGood Fight
GLGood Luck
GGAGood Game All
HPHit Points
IIRCIf I Recall Correctly
IMO, IMHOIn My Opinion, In My Honest Opinion
IRCInternet Relay Chat
IRL, RLIn Real Life, Real Life
JJ, JKJust Joking, Just Kidding
KOSKill On Sight
LFCLooking For Clan
LMAO, LMFAOLaughing My Ass Off, Laughing My Fucking Ass Off
LOL, l0lLaugh(ing) Out Loud
LOSLine Of Sight
M8Mate, teammate
ModA modification of a game, usually created by gamers instead of the original developers
MTFBWYMay The Force Be With You
N1Nice one
NPNo Problem
NTNice Try
O RLY, ORLYOh, really?
OMG, OMFGOh My God, Oh My Fucking God
OMWOn My Way
OOR, OOSOut Of Range, Out Of Sight
OSOKOne Shot One Kill
PITAPain In The Arse/Ass
PKPlayer Killing
PMSLPissing MySelf Laughing
Res, RezResolution
ROFLRoll On the Floor Laughing
ROFLMAORolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off
ROFLOL, r0fl0lRolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud
RPRole Play
RTRoger That
SPSingle Player
STFUShut The Fuck UP
SupWhat's Up
TBHTo Be Honest
Thx, Thnx, TyThanks, Thank you
TTFNTa Ta For Now (Goodbye for now)
GG, VGGGood Game, Very Good Game
WBWelcome Back
WTFWhat The Fuck
WTGWay To Go
WYGWhat You Got?
YWYou're Welcome
OFCOf Course
SMHShaking My Head
NCNo Comment
RUSOSAre You Stupid Or Something
YARLYYeah, really!
RPGRole Playing Game
RTSReal Time Strategy game, as in it is not turn-based, but all players perform actions simultaneously
FPSFirst Person Shooter, Frames Per Second

L33t m4tr1x

As you've read above, leet speak is mostly substituting letters to a certain degree. The more you substitute letters, the more obscure it becomes. In addition leet speak, or more specifically a combination of leet and game slang, also has its own words and abbreviations. It's not always clear however, whether a word is meant as a compliment or an insult. That's where the leet matrix comes in, containing various common expressions together with their level of politeness and positivity. Words in the lower left section have a pretty negative meaning and are meant as an insult. However when someone uses a word in the upper right section, you're probably doing a good job.

4 Levels of Leet

You've probably noticed by now there's many different ways you can use leet speak. Ranging from basic vowel substitutions to really advanced combinations of various punctuation marks and glyphs. The way I see it, there's four distinct levels.

Basic Leet

Basic Leet is nothing more than substituting every vowel for a number. This causes some confusion, but is actually pretty readable and understandable. So an A becomes a 4, an E becomes a 3, an I becomes a 1 and an O becomes a 0 (a zero). The letter U is an exception as there isn't an obvious number to replace it with. So in Basic Leet U's are either unchanged, or you can replace it with (_).

Intermediate Leet

If you've read any of the above carefully, you've probably already surpassed the Basic Leet level. Good for you! In that case the obvious next step is replacing consonants with either numbers or various punctuation marks. So in Intermediate Leet for example the letter B could be replaced by an 8, or by I3. Just like the letter G could be replaced by a 6 or a 9, or the consonant S by a 5.

Advanced Leet

Advanced Leet is where things get really exciting. Speaking (or actually writing) in advanced leet takes time to master, but guarantees people unfamiliar with leet have a hard time reading it. Advanced Leet is in fact a combination of Basic and Intermediate Leet, but uses punctuation marks for vowels as well. So instead of an A becoming a 4, it could become an @ or /-\.

Full Retard Leet

/=<>Я 4££ üj3ëЯ £33']['-/_ <>|_|'][' '][']-[ëЯë, '][']-[ëЯë'es '][']-[ë /=|_|££ Яë']['4Я) £ëë'][' £ë\/ë£, ![\] \|/]-[!<]-[ ë\/ëЯ'/' \/<>\|/ë£ <>Я <<>[\]es<>[\]4[\]'][' !es Яë|>£4<ë) j3'/' 4£']['ëЯ[\]4']['![\]{, <]-[4Я4<']['ëЯes, |>|_|[\]<']['|_|4']['!<>[\] <\/>4Я|{es 4[\]) {,£'/'|>]-[es. es<> /=<>Я ë}{4<\/>|>£ë '][']-[ë £ë']['']['ëЯ 4 ![\] <>[\]ë \|/<>Я) <<>|_|£) j3ë Яë|>£4<ë) j3'/' 4 4, !'][' <<>|_|£) j3ë Яë|>£4<ë) j3'/' Д <>Я /-\ ![\] 4[\]<>'][']-[ëЯ \|/<>Я).

Leet Speak Translator

To put any of the above in perspective, you can use the Leet Speak Translator below to turn any text you'd like into Leet. This translator converts normal words or text into leet speak. You can even select any of the four levels. The Leet Speak Translator makes it easier to actually talk in leet to others, since you only have to copy and paste text. So go on, get your 1337 on, and start converting!

A word of caution

When you start off learning leet speak, it quickly feels like the only way to communicate with fellow gamers. However, using leet speak exclusively in forums, games or other chat rooms is mostly looked down upon. So it's best to just converse in normal English, and occasionally throw in some leet words or abbreviations. This’ll show others you truly are leet and not just some n00b who poses as a l33t.