Earth Day is all about celebrating our beautiful blue planet. From rolling green hills to lush forests, chilly tundras, scorching deserts and unfathomable oceans – these features are all part of our ecological home. So how do you create a climate of fun on Earth Day this year? It’s easy! Enjoy the inspiring beauty of Earth from the comfort of home with these 5 calming nature games.


Earth Day - GameHouse


1. Adventure Mosaics – Forest Spirits

GameHouse Premiere Puzzle Game – Digi Might


Begin your Earth Day home adventure with Adventure Mosaics – Forest Spirits: a vibrant GameHouse Premiere exclusive Puzzle game. Venture deep into the magical forest and help a lost girl find her way home. The forest is home to all kinds of flora and fauna, plus 200 colorful nonogram puzzles! Use logic to fill in mosaics and reveal the forests’ secrets in this enchanting nature game.


Play Adventure Mosaics – Forest Spirits


Adventure Mosaics - Forest Spirits - GameHouse Premiere Exclusive

Adventure Mosaics – Forest Spirits – GameHouse Premiere Exclusive




2. 1001 Jigsaw World Tour – Africa

Jigsaw Puzzle Game – 8 Floor Games


Next stop on our Earth Day tour: 1001 Jigsaw World Tour – Africa! Journey into the heart of Africa on a virtual safari. You’ll spot famous animal species and learn all about the historic continent and its features. This jigsaw game is easy to play and features 500 stunning photographic puzzle backgrounds. Plus, customize your experience by choosing your own puzzle piece shapes, numbers, and more!


Play 1001 Jigsaw World Tour – Africa


1001 Jigsaw World Tour - Africa - GameHouse

1001 Jigsaw World Tour – Africa – GameHouse




3. Hidden Animals

Hidden Object Game – Progorion LLC


Part of Earth’s beauty revolves around its animal inhabitants. Hidden Animals highlights these creatures whether they have fur, feathers, or scales! Can you identify the animals hidden in each scene? Furthermore, this game features a unique additional challenge: in addition to English, learn the Spanish names of different animals and use your newfound knowledge to find them! Brush up on your language skills and learn new words all while taking a relaxing walk through nature.


Play Hidden Animals


Hidden Animals - GameHouse

Hidden Animals – GameHouse




4. Jewel Match Naturescapes

Match 3 Game – Suricate Software


Jewel Match Naturescapes reveals the breathtaking landscapes of our world. The majesty of nature abounds in over one hundred sprawling Match 3 levels. Match your way through naturescapes and find items to broaden the paths you explore. Each level features an optional garden blooming with bonuses. What fun new experiences will you cultivate as you play?


Play Jewel Match Naturescapes


Jewel Match Naturescapes - GameHouse

Jewel Match Naturescapes – GameHouse




5. Fishjong

Mahjong Game – Flash Burn Studio


Fishjong dives into the beautiful blue ocean. Explore an underwater world and test your Mahjong skills in over one hundred thrilling levels and layouts. The ocean is home to stunning scenery that almost appears as if it’s from another world! Customize your tiles, sets, backgrounds, and more in the ultimate Mahjong dive. The water’s great, so come on in!


Play Fishjong


Fishjong - GameHouse

Fishjong – GameHouse




Earth Day - GameHouse

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