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Enlist for free fun with the best war games at GameHouse! Have you ever dreamed of flying a combat helicopter, fighting off alien forces, or going on mass conquests? Now you can! Play a variety of high quality war games and fighting games today.

In the mood for some heart-pounding action? Then you will love AirStrike 3D! You are the only fighter who can commandeer the most sophisticated and battle-hardened helicopters. It is up to you to deploy massive firepower and defeat the enemy. If you can overcome the trying landscapes and fight through the night, then you will be showered with new helicopters, advanced weaponry, and sweet glory. Step up, your nation needs you!

Or maybe you would like to test your mettle against an outer-space menace? Alien Sky, an adrenaline pounding action game, is a perfect match for you! Get aboard your trusted spacecraft and do battle with vicious alien enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy your world. After beating the aliens, race to save the universe from hordes cyborgs, motherships and deadly bosses in Atomaders. Light up the sky with your explosive firepower but don’t get hit by incoming fire and diving enemies! The fate of the planets is in your hands.

Think you got what it takes to conquer the world? Find out when you play Risk, the classic board game, now available on your computer screen. Strike against your opponents and try to hold on to your territorial gains. The world is yours for the taking! Find these and many more war games and fighting games at GameHouse!

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