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Dive deep into fun with the best underwater games at GameHouse! Have you ever wanted to swim with dolphins or meet a mermaid? Now you can! Play a variety of high quality underwater games today.

Discover the ruins of a glorious civilization beneath the waves in Lost in Reefs, an amazing puzzle game that lets you play the way you want! Humans and dragons once lived together and created a magical city of their own. When a devastating earthquake sent the city to the bottom of the sea, the dragons and their secrets sank with it. Set out on an underwater journey in this intriguing underwater game.

Want some pet fish? Fill your aquarium with colorful and exotic fish in this exciting and original challenge, AquaPark. The more fish you collect, the more exciting your aquarium will be. Don’t forget to feed your fish and keep them happy!

Want to take a vacation? Dive back into this undersea paradise and go Hawaiian all over again in Big Kahuna Reef 2 – Chain Reaction.! This spectacular sequel is a captivating underwater treat. Discover new and exciting fish or dive with whales. The one thing that is certain is that these underwater games are sure to leave you swimming for more.

Swim for fishy fun today!

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