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Find a lode of free fun with the best free treasure hunt games at GameHouse! Have you ever wanted to set off on an epic trip to look for ancient treasures? Now you can, so get your compass and shovels ready! Play a variety of high quality treasure hunt games and seek and find games today.

Set out on a tropical adventure of a lifetime in Undiscovered World—The Incan Sun. As part of a strange twist of fate, your plane goes down over a mysterious island, and you get embroiled in a century long mystery involving the treasure of the Incan Sun God. Venture into the mystifying jungle to look for clues and solve puzzles, and return to shore to find cleverly concealed items. Embark on this quest only if you dare to discover the truth of the undiscovered world!

Traverse the globe on an unbelievable scavenger trip in The Race, a super exciting hidden item game. Featuring both relaxed and challenging modes, as well as 30 stunning world scenes, The Race offers unmatched family fun!

Or stay closer to home for an exciting domestic treasure hunt known as The Scruffs. Much to his family’s chagrin, Mr. Scruff gets laid off and they are in danger of losing their home. Maybe not if you can help! According to Grandpa Scruff, valuable items are stashed all throughout the house and if they can be found, the family can stay. Get on the hunt and discover a Scruff secret in the process! Find these and many more treasure hunt games and seek and find games at GameHouse.

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