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Slither your way to fun today with snake games from GameHouse! Do you love puzzle games? Do you love great display scenery? Then try the variety of snake games from GameHouse! Chose from an assortment of snake games either for download or for online play and enjoy!

Take a trip to the rainforest in Rainforest Adventure, a puzzle game with more than 120 challenging levels, 22 bonus levels, and 8 engaging power-ups. The goal of the game is to match three or more tropical game pieces and create perpetual cascades while new game pieces fall into place. Enjoy the South American setting while you are placing pieces strategically in this great puzzle game. Expect hours and hours of fun in this adventure for puzzle lovers of all ages.

Or, try and stop this slithering menace from reaching the surface in Karu, and entertaining action-puzzler. Enjoy the unique Power-Ups, the unlimited play, and multiple levels while strategizing to stop the serpent from emerging from the ground. Using statues to catch falling balls and catapult the balls into the snake's mouth, group three or more matching balls together. When grouped, the balls will disappear taking the snakes with them. Enjoy this slithering challenge and play today!

Slither your way to fun today!

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