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Exciting. Challenging. Breathtaking. We’re talking about our sensational secret games of course! GameHouse has you covered when it comes to games full of secrets for you to discover. Do you like to dive into the world of finding clues and thorough investigations? Join the millions of players worldwide that feel the same way! We know it sounds a little silly, but some players even have a magnifying glass next to their computer to help solve hidden object challenges. Try it for yourself during a sensational secret game, perhaps it could work for you! The Mystery of Unicorn Castle and Annabel

When you say sensational secret games, we’ll say The Mystery of Unicorn Castle! Jane Morian has the same dream over and over again. In this dream she’s searching an old castle for something or someone, but she can't be certain. Then she receives a strange letter that tells her she inherited an old castle. Of course she decides to investigate. Follow her, and reveal the secrets of the dream that’s been haunting her for so long!

Annabel is the perfect secret game for people that love a little romance in games! Annabel is a young Egyptian Princess that found her true love in the young prince Akhenaten. The evil priest Amertekh wants to secretly marry her too, and decides to kidnap and imprison her. Can you solve all the secrets to help Annabel escape from him, so she can return to the man she loves?

We’ll stop talking about our sensational secret games now. It’s time for you to experience them for yourself and see what all the talk is about!

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