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Discover worlds of free fun with ruins games at GameHouse! Are you good at uncovering lost treasures or adventuring into the unknown? Then these high quality download ruins games and online ruins games are perfect for you.

Looking for an action packed challenge? The action begins at Temple of Bricks where brick busting was never this much fun. Make your way through ancient ruins with dozens of levels to defeat, but watch out for hidden dangers! They'll catch you when you least expect them.

For the true action hero, challenge awaits you with 10 Days to Save the World. The demise of humanity is looming and it is up to you to stop it. Search through ruins, solve riddles and puzzles, and perform ancient rituals to solve the mystery of an artifact that seems to be tied to the end of the world. This is not a task for the faint of heart. Can you handle the pressure? Find these and many more exciting ruins games at GameHouse.

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