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Like action and adventure? Then you'll love the Royal Envoy games and you'll see why they are popular with players all over the world. A mix of two great geres, these games are all about restoring houses and other buildings, and clearing obstacles from roads.

Whether it’s after natural disasters or after failing management, you’re the right person to clean up the mess. If you haven’t played these games before, we strongly recommend you give them a try now! These games combine multiple challenges with engaging story lines. Have fun playing!

Royal Envoy

Of course you’re going to kick off the Royal Envoy games with the first chapter. Islandshire is suffering from heavy natural disasters, which are getting worse. Obviously, the king is not amused, because the islands are responsible for making his shoes. Can you restore the islands and make them natural-disaster-proof? You’ll get acclimate to this series in an easy way, but the levels become more tough and challenging along the way. Are you ready for this?

Royal Envoy 2

The Royal Envoy games continue with Royal Envoy 2, the sequel to the successful first chapter! In this game, you need to help the king once again, and of course you're glad to oblige. Midgewest is in ruins because of poor management. It’s your goal to rebuild and renovate houses, upgrade factories, and restore Midgewest to its former grandeur. You’ll definitely have an exciting adventure with the second chapter of the Royal Envoy games.

Royal Envoy – Campaign for the Crown

The third chapter of the Royal Envoy series is Royal Envoy – Campaign for the Crown, and it's a great game. The king is in danger, when Swindler challenges him to an electoral campaign. During his tour through the country Swindler damages most parts and he’s making an absolute mess. Can you help the king to win the electoral campaign and can you bring justice to the kingdom? Good luck!

The challenging Royal Envoy games are full of regal action and adventure, and of course you can play them on GameHouse!

Royal envoy
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