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Reviews of Zeal
 | Added on: February 1, 2013
I didn't like it when I played yesterday that game for the first time: it's too much difficult to find every hidden object you have to find and I don' t like games as this one.There are other best fashion games that I like, this one isn't one of the best.
 | Added on: June 24, 2009
The game was interesting ... it was about a lady who was clean-up pages for the monthly magazine release. The overall storyline was very simple. While most of the game was to find-hidden-object, others involved mix colors, matching what is different between two pictures and dress the models. Some objects were hard to find because of a blurry-type pictures, related to the game itself and not my system, or not the item you were looking for - slipper was really flip-flop shoes. The whole game is not timed, so you could work at your own pace and stop whenever you wanted. Also, you could use as many hints as you wanted, but have to wait for it to 'fill-up' again. Some of the sections needed to be completed correctly, with under five errors, or you would have to start the whole section all over again. Overall, the idea of the game was different and interesting - but most would be able to complete the entire game in under two hours or less.
 | Added on: September 2, 2013
This game was okay it was frustrating at the end because none of the headlines I tried on the first page the airport worked. I got the home one right away.
 | Added on: March 26, 2012
This game was quite challenging with a unique concept in the magazine setting. While some of the items were somewhat hard to find, it really keeps you focused and it was well worth the download
 | Added on: March 25, 2012
I really enjoyed this game, just wish it wasn't over so soon. The story line was good. The music was great too. You're finding objects in this 20 or so page magazine. It was interesting on this one page it had milkshakes and recipies. Maybe I can try some of them. You get a game and some recipies too. Mostly hidden object, but you had some other interesting games as well to keep it interesting. Great that you have planty of time to actually look too. Unlike some games that time you to death, this game has NO STUPID LEVEL TIME LIMITS. Over all a very good quality game. I just wish it wasn't so short. I'de like to see more games like this one out there.
 | Added on: April 4, 2013
This is a great game if you love fashion and a lot of colour. There are milkshake recipes that look yummy. Some of the mini games make you really think but they are still fun. The only negative is that the game is over too soon. I enjoyed this game so much that after the trial I bought the full version. I found the game very relaxing which is why I play hidden object games.

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