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 | Added on: October 13, 2010
I can't believe I'm disagreeing with sportygal2009, as usually I completely agree with what she says, but alas for this game we must disagree ~ I feel all wrong! I liked this game, it is quite mad, but I find most Youda games a little mad. You have to complete tasks by encouraging animals to leave food, blow the trees for coconuts or send a deep sea diver to get products, which you then convert into energy to upgrade your machines. There are time limits, but only against gold, silver and bronze. The graphics are lovely (as with all Youda games) and some of the characters are really funny. The only reason I didn’t give this game 5 stars is because, at times, there is just too much to do ~ dive for goods, water the ground, pick up the items and then feed and water yourself before you die ~ wahh it is truly mad. I really think you will either love or hate this game
 | Added on: October 28, 2010
I've been really enjoying playing this game. It's very addictive and challenging and requires you to think about a strategy in order to be able to complete in time to get the Gold medal. My only complaint is that sometimes it gets very, very busy on the screen when there are tons of pigs, birds and pirates on a small piece of real estate - makes it harder (at least for me) to keep track of everything...of course, maybe that was the designer of the game's intent to make it more challenging...
 | Added on: November 15, 2010
I love to play time management games and although this one is a lot like Farm Frenzy, it is a bit more involved and requires some strategy to get gold every time. I really like the extra little additions of having to 'cook' and 'dive' to advance in the game.
 | Added on: June 7, 2011
This is a fun TM game! Nice tutorial - helps you in learning the skills with some good tips each timne you go to the store. Pirates, crabs, etc try to take from your storehouse, so fight 'em off! Once you accomplish a task, you can use all subsequent similiar items for your strenght. If you find yourself short on points (coins) for the store, go back to any site where you didnt get gold medal and replay - that will give you the points you need to unlock an item! Enjoy!
 | Added on: May 19, 2011
This game is fast enough to keep you interested, but can be mastered with some effort. The practice needed is not so much that you will get bored.
 | Added on: October 15, 2010
this Youda game is my favorite so far. there is a lot of clicking and repitition, but i found this game enjoyable and challenging. the pirates were funny when they ran off. the seagulls were very seagull-like. the upgrades-wind that brings coconuts/eggs, rain that fills up existing holes and provides more grass up to a certain #. having to collect eggs/h2o/coconuts/fight the pirates and lobsters (the lobsters steal eggs if u don't click them fast enuf-and they turn into energy potion when u click on them several times)/make boiled eggs and collect them/make egg powder and collect it/make coconut powder and collect it all the while making sure u have enuf energy and are hydrated makes 4 fast paced fun. u've gotta try this one...
 | Added on: November 22, 2010
A good challenging game, if you can handle the constant clicking and screens clutter.
 | Added on: October 13, 2010
Really enjoyed this game, found it very addictive. Very much along the lines of farm frenzy etc. If you like those games them you will love this.
 | Added on: October 25, 2010
First off: This is a great game. It is fun to play, and seriously addicting. It is addicting to the point that I wonder if I should worry about how much my friend plays it. :) Okay, and myself too. The day after we first bought it, my friend played it for 12 straight hours. I played it for 6. It is worth every penny we paid for it. I didn't rate it as kid friendly because the comments the chief makes include things like, "Click here to replenish your hydration." Kid friendly would be more like, "Click here for more water." As to accessibility, it has problems in these areas: Mobility: This game is likely too mouse-intensive and quick-paced for someone with mobility issues. I have some small trouble using a mouse and I have trouble with the game, but it has been enjoyably playable. I'm not sure I'll be able to finish the game, but I intend to do my best! Visually: If you can keep up with everything that's going on, you might be able to play it okay. In windowed mode, it can be magnified. Colorblind: Depending on your type of colorblindness, you might not be able to tell the difference between gold and silver medals, but the real problem is that it's hard to see the difference between water and life potions. Life potions have a heart on them, water doesn't. If you have any impairments at all, try not to make this game about getting the fastest time. Stop reading now if you don't want to see my game tips: Alright, if you are still reading, here's those tips: 1. Don't worry about the time, just worry about not running out of water and energy. As long as you don't run out of energy, you can take as long as you need. 2. GO BACK and redo levels. Upgrade as fast as you can, because the more and better your upgrades, the faster you can do the levels. If you do like to race against the clock, you need the upgrades to get the necessary speed. 3. Do the coconuts and the coconut oils FIRST. If you need to do tasks one at a time, you can still get silver time sometimes if you remember to FINISH the coconut related tasks FIRST.
 | Added on: October 18, 2010
I liked the game very much and found the pirates very amusing.
 | Added on: October 12, 2010
Wow! Yikes! What an odd, ridiculous, cheesy game. Oh and not that it was too hard but just WAY too weird for me. I don't think I've ever played anything quite like this. In this game what you are doing which keep in mind I could only cope with this for maybe 10 minutes - 15 tops but anyway is "clicking" on "grass patches" so ducks can drink water to OMG lay eggs as it will give you tasks that you have to complete in a certain amount of time. For example : Gather so many eggs and your energy has to be at a certain level. How you create your energy is by either putting the eggs in the egg machine which was OMG! so loud I had to turn the sound down on my computer or you can click on the lady at the bottom of the screen to make potion to increase your energy level. Oh and if you see crabs, just click on them also make potion. I also fought a couple of pirates. This game was just way too weird for me to continue. About 15 minutes at the very most and I think even that was too long. I just couldn't cope with this for another second. Give it a whirl though you just might like it however this definitely goes under my stop madness, cut off, and pull the plug. I didn't like this game AT ALL. Cut this game off already!
 | Added on: November 1, 2010
Beware!!! This game is very addictive and so much fun. It tends to be very fast paced at times, but, you can hit the menu button to take a breathier if needed. There are so many levels to accomplish, along with items to find(which are very hard to find) and achievements. Kids will love the funny creatures and pirates. This game will provide many hours of entertainment. It is well worth the money as each level can be replayed many times and achieve different time scores.
 | Added on: October 28, 2010
Um, yeah. I played this game before -- it was called "Farm Frenzy"...
 | Added on: October 13, 2010
If you are new to the Youda type game I don't recommend starting with this one. It is by far an intense play. So many different things going on at the same time can get really confusing. BUT with that being said once you get into it you just can't stop. I finally finished all the levels on gold and it was definitely a challenge for me. You won't be disappointed if this is your type of game.
 | Added on: May 9, 2011
This game is basically an island version of farm frenzy. That having being said i rather enjoyed it. The graphics are good, the mini task of diving for things is a nice addition, the pirates are hilarious, and it keeps you on your toes. It can get incredibly cluttered but if you enjoy madness this one might be worth a look.
 | Added on: October 13, 2010
This game, as many TM games, is based on how fast you can accomplish goals. I really liked the "Be a King" games and the "Road to Rome" which are TM games, but with goals and strategy that make them more fun and interesting. Just going faster and faster does not keep me interested. It puts too much emphasis on speed, and not enough on strategy or goals that you achieve through planning and thinking.
 | Added on: October 18, 2010
Fun game - it's sort of similar to Farm Frenzy but in a different setting and with unique things to do. You are given various goals each level - some are similar to Farm Frenzy in that you must use machines to make new products. Also, you have various rituals you perform to cause things like rain (replenish the water supplies) or wind (makes coconuts fall). All the while, you must keep an eye on your dehydration and stamina. Each task that you performs costs you stamina. There are regular visits by pirates who will try to steal your goods. You must fight them off WHILE playing out your levels. When you defeat them, they drop goods and run off. There are all sorts of awards/achievements you can win as well as upgrades you can buy. Game seems like it will have more than adequate length from the look of the map, considering how far I got in an hour's time. Loved the game after playing the demo and purchased right away. An interesting, unique & challenging TM game.

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