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 | Added on: July 27, 2010
This is a pretty engaging game. Demoed it (and ended up buying it). The demo hour FLEW by quickly. You basically are building and running a marina. You build the docks and manage the ships that come in, as well as all the nearby attractions (bars, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc.) Very original gameplay and was a little tricky to learn (I thought I understood fully after tutorial but realized shortly after that I didn't fully grasp it - but then figured it out on my own). A good building game - and unlike all the others. I would give this one 4 out of 5 stars.
 | Added on: August 24, 2009
Having played Youda Famer and Youda Sushi Chef, I kinda had an idea what to expect; however, Youda Marina is different. You have to pay close attention initially in order to successfully strategize. Once you've built your docks and other necessary facilities, you're out trolling for boats to dock 90% of the time. It gets boring quickly. Great concept for a TM game, I was hoping for better execution. Well worth a try if you like the other Youda games!
 | Added on: July 7, 2009
This game is interesting at first but gets boring after a couple of afternoons. You have to build docks for the ships that come in and assign the ships to their docks. The dock building part is interesting and involves more strategy than most games, because you're free to build your docks wherever you like on the map, but you have to plan to have space for a lot of them at the end. The assigning ships to docks part gets repetitive after a while and unfortunately it's what you spend most of your time doing. The interface is well-designed and feels nice to use, and the graphics are pretty. Also it's nice to see a game with a new concept that doesn't involve farming or running a restaurant. I think the game is worth trying, just be prepared to get bored of it at some point.