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 | Added on: June 7, 2010
I couldn't believe all of the positive reviews for this game, I found it very boring. I was thinking small children might like it but I don't see the appeal for adults, even for relaxing. I like a nice simple game for just unwinding, but this game had no fun factor for me. Some of the puzzle you can just guess based on their design. I kept hoping the real game would start, but then I realized this was the game. I guess it is kind of like mine sweeper, but some how less fun.
 | Added on: September 2, 2010
I love this game. I was introduced to this game as a free game and have been hooked on all of them. Keep them coming.
 | Added on: June 16, 2009
Love this game! Have re-played and re-played so many times. Wish there were more like this. And I truly hope and have fingers crossed they make a second one.
 | Added on: September 2, 2010
This is my new addiction, and I also bought World Mosaics 2, and I'll buy the new FairyTale version soon. I don't know how many levels there are, but I haven't run out yet. Obviously this is going to be a "once through" game, and not fun to replay, so I'm glad I'm getting it with game credits. But at the price (about $10) it is still a good buy if you figure "hours of entertainment" per dollar. Way cheaper than a movie!
 | Added on: March 1, 2010
This is a wonderful game, challenging, addictive and it makes you think. It is even paced so as to not overwhelm you. I highly recommend this game. I would like to see more.
 | Added on: September 25, 2009
Enjoyed the game thoroughly. Great fun! Would like to see another one for Mac as soon as possible.
 | Added on: May 9, 2009
Love love love this game!!! If you love puzzles and numbers, this is the right game for you. $20 is really cheap for the amount of time that you'll spend playing this game. Highly highly recommend!
 | Added on: July 15, 2010
Great game but limited in level play. You MUST start with the EASY levels and work your way up to HARD. Except the HARD is not as challenging as I would like it to be. I would also like to be able to set the level of difficulty and have more puzzles to play. Finished the game in 2 sittings!
 | Added on: June 21, 2010
I got this when it was the free game of the day. I really enjoyed it, because you can just play a few of the mosaics at a time without feeling compelled to finish it right away. It took me awhile to get through it, which is good, since I never got bored. But then again, I can sit through multiple sudokus, so what can I say? There is a strategy to solving them, though, and once you figure it out, it can be a lot of fun. I'd definitely play more of these!
 | Added on: July 19, 2010
I was disappointed when the game ended. Even the extra puzzles (only 5). I wish there were more levels/puzzles. I can see replaying it again in the near future but then I like sudokus. No time limit so you can solve puzzles at your pace - even when life interrupts you.
 | Added on: November 9, 2009
199 challenging puzzles make this pc game one of the best value games Gamehouse offers. Fill in the spaces on the grid to uncover images that fit into the storyline. Avoid making too many mistakes to get to the next puzzle in the series. Increase the number of hints by filling in the grid. Two game modes to choose from for hours of puzzling fun!
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
Sometimes I need a game where each click is either right or wrong - instant feedback on each decision. This is a classic game where you figure out the tiles based on the numbers at each column and row. This game is one I keep coming back to when I just want to solve the problem with logic. I have played it through many times and I know there will be many more.
 | Added on: September 1, 2009
For those of you hardcore gamers that come here to unwind like myself, or for those of you looking for more experiences like this one, this game is most similar to a little game called Picross. Mario Picross on the Nintendo and Super Nintendo are the most common titles, but there is also a Picross DS for you DS users. Overall this is a fantastically original idea for a game that could have only originated in Japan. Think "Minesweeper" but way more strategic. Worth a download if you have the money, because you WILL end up buying it if it is your first time playing something so unique.
 | Added on: July 1, 2010
I would love to find more Games with this format....I enjoyed it very much and my 12 yo grandson liked it as well.
 | Added on: May 12, 2009
I have played this game so many times I almost have it memorized! It's great!! Please make a World Mosaics 2 and 3 and on and on !!!!
 | Added on: September 15, 2009
Am certainly hoping for more levels! Lot's of calculation involved but just the right amount for me. I still replay it, though I do also almost have it memorized...