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 | Added on: December 22, 2011
I bought this game back in 2004 through Real Arcade & I still play it now!! This is the most ORIGINAL action game w/3D graphics(REFLEXIVE was way ahead of its' time). Wik is a timeless classic & I'm very happy that GH offers this game to its' customers still to this day! This game is challenging & highly addictive as it makes you really think. The premise of this game is for Wik to journey through spectacular graphic levels in search for his wife & children while regaining his memory. With the help of his mule Slotham(used as a timer) & the Forest Witch(releases gems for the needed amulet), Wik can only use his tongue & legs to ward off various insects while collecting grubs to feed Slotham in order to advance to the next level. EXCELLENT tutorial that will help you maneuver Wik. It may take you sometime to get used to Wik's use of his tongue for gathering grubs, gems & coins while swinging on dream catchers, climbing trees & huge mushrooms, ravines & mountains, while spitting honey to slow down Slotham & spitting acorns or other insects to ward off the grubs' allies(flying insects). I played the tutorial several times to get the hang of it & than I was off on a wonderful journey w/soothing music to help you concentrate to help Wik reunite with his family. If you are up for the challenge, you will enjoy this one of a kind game experience...may you enjoy! Other great classics are recommended below.
 | Added on: March 15, 2013
I would have NEVER played this game if I hadn't seen it attached to a review of a different game. I'm so thrilled that I came across it and I will be attaching it to future reviews in the hope of spreading the word! The mouse controls are flawless in this game. There is a fairly intense tutorial level because the controls do take some getting used to but with a bit of practice it all comes together. I found this game very challenging. The levels get harder as the game progresses and sometimes I've had to replay the same level several times. But it's not frustrating. This game is appropriate for the whole family.
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
Both my sons & I LOVED this game! It's so original & creatively designed that we all 3 loved playing it & have played it over & over. The main character, Wik, tugs on your heartstrings as he searches for his family through imaginative lands. It's so nice to get to learn new skills to master the levels vs. the same old matches or object finds. When will there be another Wik game? We highly recommend it!
 | Added on: January 18, 2011
This is a FANTASTIC game! It is so very diferent than all the other games that only seem to ever offer are match 3, solitare, bla bla boring bla... this is so exciting and the story is really interesting, tho not even necessary to follow to just play and have fun... The graphics are beautiful and the music is intoxicating... love this game!
 | Added on: August 15, 2011
I really loved this game. A very nice change of pace! It's hard to describe this game, it's just so different. I think it's probably most like a platformer game where you wander around collecting stuff. A unique twist is that your timer is Slotham, a beast that slowly walks along the bottom of the screen. He can be slowed down by feeding him "mana." The graphics are absolutely stunning in their detail, makes you feel as though you are actually in a forest. Highly recommended.
 | Added on: September 9, 2010
I have had this game for a long time and still haven't gotten to the end. I love this game. It's challenging and has an enchanting story. Wik looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. I highly recommend this game for those that like action. It's really addictive and I enjoy playing it very much.
 | Added on: September 23, 2010
Wik & the Fable of Souls is the most original game around ...you use your tongue to grab hold of branched and swing, leap or flip to reach objects & locations. You collect coins, gems and grubs. You kill various bugs by catching them with your tongue or by spitting acorns at them. It takes a little while to master how to move, but there's a useful in-game tutorial. As the game progresses, it gets harder. The final levels were very difficult to complete. It's impossible to describe this game adequately ...I highly recommend downloading it just to get a feel for it. This game is best suited for older kids/teens/adults due to the coordination skills required for maneuvering Wik through the game.

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