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 | Added on: May 25, 2012
Good challenging game. Will go back and play each level to expert when I can.
 | Added on: December 24, 2012
That game is one of my favourites: I play it as soon as possible. I like all types of sport and wellness games, even if I don't play any sport. Wendy is very popular in that game and her uncle helps her when she needs someone who knows very good all the matter. I recommend it also to kids: with Wendy as instructor they could have a very interesting knowledge of sports and they could like tio play one of them. Very very good: it's a game for all the family.
 | Added on: September 27, 2010
It's fun but if you're like and reach the expert level on every level you'll max out all of the updates long before you get to the final location. All around fun and entertaining.
 | Added on: June 26, 2012
I really enjoy this game, but I think it's frustrating that Wendy has to handle the treadmills, water treatments, yoga, and collect payments while other employees only have to handle warm-ups, or massages, or the tanning booth. Poor Wendy runs herself ragged while the others spend a lot of time just standing around. This creates a bottle-neck, because everybody wants the same machines, etc., and the most you can have is 3 of anything. I would like it better if you could move the employees where they were needed most, because I think the game would flow better. Not only does Wendy have to handle 3 different areas, but her areas take longer than the others. For example, once upgraded, the warm-ups literally are 2 reps each, while the water treatments and treadmills are at least twice that. Because of this, I found it difficult to get through the last level, but I finally made it!
 | Added on: March 4, 2014
In this game, Wendy wiht her uncle's help, starts her own business in the wellness centres that she saw when her uncle used to be a popular wellness instructor. You help Wendy with this very great time management game and if you like it, you could think to go in one of the thousands wellness centres to try the same emotions you try here. Also for kids it's a good way to start the knowledge a lot of sports, relaxing modes and so on. Good sounds, original scenes and new Wendy's helpers will show you a world in which you could only relax yiourself. It's a game for all the family and I recommend it to all people.
 | Added on: August 24, 2009
I had fun playing this game. The upgrades were exciting to try and buy. When you reach the upper level's, that is when the game becomes fast paced.
 | Added on: October 28, 2010
Wendy's Wellness was a fun time-management game. Warning-It is addictive! It gets challenging as you move up in the levels. I finally just got all of the gold medals on all of the levels. It wasn't that easy. I would recommend this game to anyone that enjoys time-management games.
 | Added on: May 29, 2009
I got Wendy's Wellness along with another fitness game right around the same time. While I was thrilled over the other one, it was just the opposite for this one. The interface is boring and kinda awkward. You do have a chance to upgrade products on the game but it just doesn't flow too well and didn't save the game. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone.
 | Added on: June 30, 2010
This game is great, but it gets difficult towards the end and that can get frustrating. You are the owner/manager. Your job is to give people workouts by putting them on a treadmil or just by having them lift weights. You can also give people spa treatments in this, massages. They also have a tanning salon in this. They have mini games in this and you can play those mini games at any time once you unlock them and you unlock them when you train vip members ( that is what those mini games are). I also have Fitness Dash and imo this is the better game. Although that game is okay too, but I prefer this game more. I love watching customers get conditioner, shampoo, etc in this when they are waiting. That is what makes it better than Fitness Dash in my book. You can upgrade the stuff in your gym too in this. You can even upgrade your shelf so you can sell more stuff.
 | Added on: July 27, 2010
I really liked the Sally's Spa game (which is similar to this) but for some reason, I just couldn't get that into this one. It's fun, but not so fun, if that makes any sense. Not the worst game out there but not necessarily the best. After playing the trial, I passed on buying this one.
 | Added on: July 31, 2012
this game is similar to wedding salon and also sally's studio. you drag the customers to their station and click on whatever they need. it is very clicky,and gets fast paced as the you progress,but it is a fun game. i would play this on fun ticket though,because it is easy to progress.

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