Weird Park - Broken Tune Platinum EditionWeird Park - Broken Tune Platinum Edition
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 | Added on: December 23, 2015
This one wasn't as good as Scary Tales. The game wasn't as engaging. The HO part to the game was super easy. In some parts, I could click on all the hidden items without blinking. There was just way tooo much navigating back and forth. The first part was just anti climatic, I do love the second part where you go into a different world. There was one stage where I had to look up for guide because I couldn't figure out what to do and the hint didn't help. Other than that, it wasn't too hard. It wasn't too long either. The puzzles were really difficult, I skipped a few. I did loose interest in some places because I felt the story got boring, and the ending was kinda meh. But I still think it was a great game, I love the UX, this alone made the game a lot more enjoyable than some other games. Now I'm gonna check out the Final Show :-)
 | Added on: January 25, 2012
a very interesting and twisted game.i would highly recommend this game
 | Added on: January 10, 2012
It's a pity so many Reviewers compared this unfavourably to Dreamland - yes, it is similar but quite different in other ways. For one thing, there's no goopy narrative! I became hooked really quickly and had to play it through to the end - it only took an afternoon but I couldn't leave it alone! The graphics are lovely and clear, no peering or eye-strain here, the music is just eerie enough and the Loki character is just plain nasty! I liked the way you jumped from place to place - not having a map doesn't matter because you can get the Monkey to direct you - and although the hint does take a while to recharge, it just makes you try harder to find the object. I also like that you found objects, sometimes picking them up, sometimes not, and not really knowing what they're for until some time later - it keeps you on your toes remembering where you saw the link. Great for improving the memory... I'd definitely play this again in a couple of months as I don't think I'd be able to remember everything that happened. Apart from that, I play a LOT of HOGs!! I agree with one reviewer that it made a lovely change not having to rely on a walkthrough as has happened so much recently - but in any case, being an Alawar game, I can't skip between the game and the "instructions", the game won't stay and wait ;þ Great games, GameHouse, keep it up!! :-))
 | Added on: January 17, 2012
This a difficult game to review. At first, I was going to rave about it but then I started thinking about the things that were good and not so good. Good: - great graphics - good music - great story - HOG scenes not so dark it's impossible find things - fun to play - good, easy, quickly charging hint system that will tell you which direction go without "using" a hint - really good length Not so good: - LOTS of running around - story a little predictable - good, too easy, quickly charging hint system that will tell you which direction go without "using" a hint -- too easy to depend on the hint button instead of remembering where you need to go to do things - VERY abrupt ending But, overall, a fun, relaxing gaming experience. (I didn't understand why the game was recommended for mature audiences. The story isn't "adult", there is no "bad" language, no blood and gore, not scary at all.) I recommend the game.
 | Added on: January 9, 2012
I hate clowns, they have always given me the creeps. Unfortunately the killer clown in this game wasn't so creepy. Good for me, not so good for the game plot. Anyway, I enjoyed playing. Graphics were good, HO scenes easy. Hint button recharged rather slowly, but it didn't use one up if you wanted a hint to navigate. I recommend this game, even if it wasn't so original.
 | Added on: February 6, 2012
Although I liked the game, the lack of a map gave you no direction. I found I was clicking on the monkey hint a lot just to find out where I needed to go. This is mainly because if you play a bit every day, you forget what is in which location. You're carrying so many objects that it gets a bit confusing. At least the monkey hint doesn't need recharging if you use it for just this purpose. It also needs to let you know which areas you have completed. I also found some of the puzzles without any logic - especially when you have to click blocks randomly to turn them over to get the image or pipes to have them all interlinking. These improvements would have pushed up my rating to a possible 5 star as overall it is a very long game. Possibly the premium edition may have been a bit better with the strategy guide but I try not to use these as I like playing the game by working it out myself.
 | Added on: January 9, 2012
I really liked this game, especially the second half of it. Disliked - it was a bit too much running for my taste and it didnt have a good enough story .
 | Added on: January 9, 2012
I loved the game Dreamland and was thinking that this game would be similar---and it is. Same kind of story line---though the graphics are pretty good and clever. I love the 'parallel' world. The items are pretty easy to find and they repeat each HO scene 3 times each. My favorite part however is in the parallel world, there is a scene that has 3 doors that look like a windmill and you have to press certain buttons on the statue to revolve them. Thought that was super clever. All in all a fun game and worth it on my funpass. If you haven't played Dreamland yet, I say go ahead and buy this one. If you have, then it isn't worth the $$. Not sutiable for kids as it is kind of dark/creepy.
 | Added on: January 6, 2012
DISCLAIMER: I only played the free trial (SE). If you, like me, were expecting a beautiful game with fantastic graphics, challenging mini-games, and an engrossing plot because it was made by Alawar (same developers as Sacra Terra), then you, like me, would be sorely disappointed. This game is little more than a rip off of Dreamland, but not nearly as well executed. You play as a detective who is looking for another man whose vanished after visiting an abandoned amusement park. I think the best thing about the game is the graphics, it has a suitably foreboding atmosphere in accordance with the plot. While the pros of this game are few, the problems with the game are legion. First is the plot, which is not only unoriginal, but rather weak, with a killer clown, a shady owner, and the Norse god Loki inside a 45 album. Another problem is the min-games. They are rather easy; they aren't much of a challenge to experienced players. Weird Park also only has one mode of play so there not much incentive to play the game again once you finish it the first time. There isn't much about this game to recommend it, so I suggest to complete the trial before buy.
 | Added on: January 30, 2012
Before I Downloaded this game I read all the reviews as I usually do. Some of them were quite snarky and critical and I almost didn't download for that reason. There were lots of comparisons to Dreamland and how sub standard this game was in comparison to former mentioned. I'm glad I chose to download inspite of the negative comments. I agree this game is not a 5 star game, however it is a fairly good game especially for those newer to the HOG genre. The HO scenes were very easy which I liked bc it gave my eyes and brain a break . the game moves smoothly along and is just challenging enough without being a frustrating pain in the neck.Imo this is a good game and a nice way to spend a few relaxing hours Yes this was similar to Dreamland but ONLY similar.Imo it was a very different game. So give it a shot and make up your own mind, I sure am glad I did :) Yes Dreamland is a very good game, but for me I found it frustrating and very challenging tho I didn' dislike it. What I'm trying to say is they are very different games that obviously appeal to different people in different ways,and since I play for relaxation and fun only I found this game a bit more appealing than Dreamland. I hope those of you that decide to download this game enjoy it as much as I did :) Good Job Alawar Keep them coming, you are my favorite developers ! ~LW~
 | Added on: January 12, 2012
This game was about average to what's available now, in my opinion. It was somewhat challenging because there wasn't much guidance about where to go or what to do; I tend to like the older games better for this reason. It's not a pure "hidden object" game as I'd consider. But overrall it was good; kept playing til I was done; the ending was a bit abrupt. Would probably get something similar again.
 | Added on: January 9, 2012
I played the game all the way through with funpass. I thought the game was fun to play almost didnt download because it looked to horrorish looking.but it was not. Alot of levels and challenges but some the of mini games are a really easy but some i had to skip. the ending was disappointing compared to the rest of the game. but still would recommened.
 | Added on: March 1, 2013
The graphics were wonderful,the story was lacking... I liked Weird park Scary Tales much better this one lacked a deep story... Good HOSs and the puzzles were challenging I did skip a few... I dont see much replay in this one ... I love Alawar but this one is lacking... HAPPY GAMING EVERYONE !!!
 | Added on: January 19, 2012
This game absolutetly the best! Fortunately for me, I am referring to the collectors edition with the extended game play. I really do not know if I would of enjoyed the game as much as I did if it wasn't for those exta chapters. But really, it has a great storyline, good music and great puzzles. Not too hard, but definitely not easy either. I would suggest for anybody to give this game a go.. it's great!
 | Added on: January 9, 2012
I enjoyed this game. While it is very close to another game I played in the recent past, their are enought differences to make it enjoyable. I will admit the plot is weak at times;However if I were looking for a looking for a work of art I would read Poe or Doyle instead of playing a HO game. Since I play games solely for the entertainment value, I rarely look for flaws in the games I play. I found the game very addicitive. the mini-games provided enought of a challenge to keep me interested, but not such that you needed the "skip" feature to get through them. The "hint" function loads slowly, so I did have to spend some time waiting, when I did get stuck! Their is no map feature that allows you to move between the various locations with one jump, so you are required to click your way back and forth. Also their are a large number of locations that have actions to be complated as the game progresses, this required that I keep track of the large number of items in the inventory and as new items are added remember which location I had to return to to use the inventory items. I recommend this game for anyone that plays for intertainment and the enjoyment of completing a challenge.
 | Added on: January 9, 2012
I really enjoyed this game and the storyline was simple enough to draw me right in and make me want to continue. I really wanted to find out what happened to the reporter and I just had to follow the cute little jester creature to see what he was up to. Then I just couldn't stop until I finished! This is a typical HOG adventure game with eery music, great graphics, creative artwork, and mini games. I thought it was a lot of fun. There is quite a bit of running back and forth, but it doesn't cost you a hint if you just need to know which way to go. On the down side, it is only a play-it-once type of game. But I thought this one was a good length. And I have found with these that if I wait about 6 months, I can play them again and enjoy them just as much as the first time. As for kids, I would suggest you play the trial by yourself and then decide. Depending on the family, it could be fine. But there is a bit of bullying/revenge theme going on, which might turn off some moms. The trial should be enough to help you decide though. If you like the trial, I think it was worth the buy - especially if you have a fun ticket!
 | Added on: January 9, 2012
 | Added on: April 21, 2013
This is not one of my favorite games, mostly because I don't like these kind of weird, disjointed stories. And I also don't like the excessive amount of back-and-forth. There is no map, so it's easy to get a bit lost. The hint button will point you in the right direction, though. Other than that, the graphics are good, and the story is complete. The HO scenes are not too difficult, and the minigames range from easy to moderately difficult. Again, not my favorite, and not one I would buy, but it is an entertaining few hours.
 | Added on: January 17, 2012
Fun to play until, like stated by another, did not get guidance when stuck on a puzzle and can't go backwards to work with items collected for previous scenes.
 | Added on: January 9, 2012
I really am liking this game. The HO parts aren't that hard but the mini games can be very easy to difficult. Graphics are good and even tho it won't win any academy awards it is entertaining.
 | Added on: May 6, 2013
First off, I really think a map should be standard item in these games. Especially when there is SO much going back and forth. I was really getting tired of it and I don't see how it adds to the game, scrolling through scenes repeatedly. This game has good graphics, the HO and mini games were appropriately challenging. But I thought the story was ridiculous. The game started out with a theatrical beginning but after that introduction you won't hear another spoken word. You will have to read what few words are said to you. How hard would it have been to get a couple of voice actors? Sometimes it's the little things that make a game. I wouldn't buy this game but on the FunPass it was a good time waster But it won't be a game I will recommend.
 | Added on: January 23, 2012
Really enjoyed this game. The hidden object scenes were pretty easy, but the mini games made up for it. They were somewhat challenging. The graphics were good, and the game play was enjoyable. The ending was rather abrupt - not what I expected. Overall this game is a good one.
 | Added on: January 13, 2012
I love almost all of Alawar Entertainment games and this was no exception. I love an HO game with a good story line to go along with it. The only reasons I didn't give it 5 stars was because I really don't like their recent usage of finding pieces of an object in an HO scene, and because of the very abrupt ending.
 | Added on: March 13, 2012
The graphics is eerily beautiful and the music is quite suspenseful. Not much of a story, only keep doing tasks/puzzles/HO. The ending is also rather weak. Good HO, not too hard but not easy. Challenging puzzles, I did skip some since I didn't like them that much. Lots of back and forth for task, would be nice if there was a map to jump through. Pretty long amount of play time. It's a good game to play, but not very exciting or something. It may appeal to some people and may not to some, so try it for yourself.
 | Added on: January 18, 2012
a great game, objects not too hard or too easy to find, good storyline, good graphics, and right when i thought it was going to end (which would have made it too short) there was still more :)
 | Added on: February 2, 2012
I'm an adventure game fan and don't usually play casual hidden object games because I find them too mindless, but this game is more of an adventure game than a hidden object game (with just the right amount of hidden object puzzles). It has just the right difficulty to please even non-casual gamers, but without nonsensical puzzles that would require constantly looking up a walkthrough. The atmosphere is great - the setting is a creepy abandoned amusement park that draws you in so that when things get even weirder later in the game, the transition is so smooth that your mind gets used to the Alice-in-wonderland feel right away. The hidden object puzzles fit in with the mood of the game and feature objects that belong in the environment, unlike so many other games that might dump an oversized beach umbrella on top of a medieval castle in a hidden object puzzle. I recommend the Syberia games if you enjoyed the challenge in this game and would like to try something even harder.
 | Added on: March 5, 2012
I love HO games. This one was a hoot!. At the conclusion of the first time I played, I laughed right out loud. Most would call me crazy but I really thought it was so funny. I have played it 3x so far. It is a great game for me.
 | Added on: February 4, 2012
With no real story line, you go from one HO scene to another. Sorry but that was not what I expected – Alawar usually offers great interesting games. That said, the graphics are clear, the HOs mostly very easy. However, I don’t particularly like to look for pieces of items – which was the case in a few of the HO scenes. The Hint button is very slow to refill. The game does not indicate when a site is complete and there is no map, so you keep going around and around visiting the various sites over and over again until another HO scene pops out. The puzzles are annoying most of them based on the same principle – thankfully you can skip them. Overall this game was a disappointment.
 | Added on: January 9, 2012
If you are like me and not a huge expert with Hidden Object games and not wanting just list after list of objects to find with no purpose or cause then I think you too will enjoy this game as I did.. It's very interactive, puzzles are not too hard and if you do not know which direction to go just click on the little monkey (it's where hints are located)..I truly enjoyed this one, felt very involved and found it a delight in doing all of the puzzles (Oh, you can skip the puzzles after a short time if you want to)..I'm so glad I finally found another HO game I could understand without a walkthrough again...It's been a long time for me but then again I much prefer the Time Management games but no new one's out right now so I had to take what I could find...THANKS GameHouse for a GREAT and enjoyable game !!!!!!
 | Added on: January 9, 2012
I think if you like the weird clown theme park atmosphere you will love this game for that reason alone. Creepy characters for sure pop up here and there, you have some good hidden object scenes but they are pretty simple to find. Some puzzles are challenging though, but you can eventually skip them if you get frustrated. Story them was ok, but I felt Dreamland was better overall in story and HO's/puzzles. I had to mention I thought it was funny when the guy I came to save in this story bales on me! Again, not a very good storyline, but it was fun to play the overall game. Graphics are ok, and HO's were easy enough for my 10 year old son to help me find. Worth a try.
 | Added on: January 10, 2012
Not a bad game. Very nice graphics, the HO's are really easy, the puzzles more challenging. I like HOG's where you have to search around and there was a pretty good amount of that in this game. Certainly I have played a lot more challenging and interesting games, but this one was enjoyable enough to pass the time.
 | Added on: February 23, 2012
This game is challenging as are the puzzels. However, I found I had to go back and forth too much. I used the hint button quite ofter to find the right direction to go. I will play the game again now that I have a better understanding of it.
 | Added on: January 9, 2012
When I looked at the screenshots for this one I had a feeling of deja vu. It has the same look and feel of Dreamland. It's not a bad game. There's no timer, no wrong click penalties and, sadly, no map. There are lots of places to visit and, yes, you travel back & forth numerous times to each location which would have made a map a handy tool. My suggestion: make your own map to keep track of what you have to do where. The puzzles are your average genre and not too difficult to solve with some time and patience. There's a skip option available after a short period of time if you get stuck. The hint system isn't really that helpful unless you're in a HO scene. It will show you in which direction you need to go but little else if you use it to get a nudge as to what you should do next. Gameplay is primarily linear. You can choose in which direction you'd like to go around the park but you need to find and finish an area before another one will open up. That's what all the traveling back & forth is all about. It would have been nice if, once an area was cleared and of no further use, a message would have told you that. I've seen that feature in some recent releases and thought it was very helpful. I see no Replay value in this once since the HOs remain the same in subsequent run-throughs and obviously your key items are found in the same places and remain the same. It's not bad for a few hours of distraction and I did find it somewhat addictive. I didn't really see anything spooky or scary in it so I think it would be okay for kids. It's worth playing the trial period or with a Fun Pass but I'm not sure I'd spend any coins on it.
 | Added on: March 28, 2013
this is my kind off game - mix of hidden objects puzzles that are not impossible and don't have you reaching for the guide all the time ( nice to have it included though!) its colourful and lasted a long time counting the bonus level. As is often the case the ending could be a little more dramatic - it sometimes feels as if after they put the last puzzle in the writer just wants it to be over - a little build up and suspense at the finish would be nice but it doesn't. Just to let you know I play games to relax and not to frustrate me so someone wanting something really difficult might be a little disappointed but I thought it was great
 | Added on: December 13, 2011
This game has good graphics, ok music and a ghost, little joker and a lot, lot of back and forth action in order to get the things you will need to move on. Your joke as the great detective take you are is to find out what happened to the first investagtor that they first sent as he has gone missing after the death of a freeky juggling clown that keep appears.. The clown reminded me of the one in S. King's "IT", so I don't think this is a game for kids. It creeped me out.
 | Added on: December 8, 2011
This was your standard hidden object game. I especially liked the graphics and the story line. The mini games weren't too hard but you had to think your way through, also. If you like hidden object games, I would recommend this one.
 | Added on: December 5, 2011
While I did like this game, I was disappointed with the lack of HO areas. I also didn't care for the Stragedy guide. You had to leave the game in order to access it. The hint button was helpful in HO areas, but not when you were figuring out what to do next. Another issue I had with the Guide was that it was pictorial. It was difficult to find where you needed help if you didn't follow the guide beginning to end.
 | Added on: December 5, 2011
We really enjoyed the different kinds of puzzles. And the searches were interesting.
 | Added on: December 6, 2011
DISCLAIMER: I only played the free trial (SE). If you, like me, were expecting a beautiful game with fantastic graphics, challenging mini-games, and an engrossing plot because it was made by Alawar (same developers as Sacra Terra), then you, like me, would be sorely disappointed. This game is little more than a rip off of Dreamland, but not nearly as well executed. You play as a detective who is looking for another man whose vanished after visiting an abandoned amusement part. I think the best thing about the game is the graphics, it has a suitably foreboding atmosphere in accordance with the plot. While the pros of this game are few, the problems with the game are legion. First is the plot, which is not only unoriginal, but rather weak, with a killer clown, a shady owner, and the Norse god Loki inside a 45 album. Another problem is the mini-games. They are rather easy; they aren't much of a challenge to experienced players. Weird Park also only has one mode of play so there not much incentive to play the game again once you finish it the first time. There isn't much about this game to recommend it, so I'm giving it a 2.9. I suggest to complete the trial before buy.
 | Added on: December 9, 2011
This game has some good things going for it: It is a long game, with a wide assortment of puzzles. The graphics are good, and the mini-games cover several levels of difficulty. While similar in concept to "Dreamland", it is not nearly as well done. The HO areas are well crafted, and the objects not too difficult to find. I feel that this is an excellent game for players who are fairly new to HOGs. I enjoyed the game, but I found the back-and-forth travel between scenes to be a bit tedious. The storylines on HOGs have been getting better, but this one is really closer to a comic book than a novel. Overall, I felt that the "quantity" of gameplay made up for the few "quality" problems. While not a five star rating, it's at least a solid 4.5.
 | Added on: December 12, 2011
the graphics in this game are great. the little joker is PERFECT. the way he runs and hides, and the noises he makes. the park is deserted, but the graphics make it very detailed. love the music. even the little monkey that gives you hints is kinda creepy. great HOG. i did get confused at times b/c of having to move back and forth from scene to scene, but that didn't take away from my enjoyment of this game.

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