Weird Park - Broken Tune Platinum EditionWeird Park - Broken Tune Platinum Edition
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Reviews of Weird Park - Broken Tune Platinum Edition
 | Added on: March 28, 2013
this is my kind off game - mix of hidden objects puzzles that are not impossible and don't have you reaching for the guide all the time ( nice to have it included though!) its colourful and lasted a long time counting the bonus level. As is often the case the ending could be a little more dramatic - it sometimes feels as if after they put the last puzzle in the writer just wants it to be over - a little build up and suspense at the finish would be nice but it doesn't. Just to let you know I play games to relax and not to frustrate me so someone wanting something really difficult might be a little disappointed but I thought it was great
 | Added on: December 13, 2011
This game has good graphics, ok music and a ghost, little joker and a lot, lot of back and forth action in order to get the things you will need to move on. Your joke as the great detective take you are is to find out what happened to the first investagtor that they first sent as he has gone missing after the death of a freeky juggling clown that keep appears.. The clown reminded me of the one in S. King's "IT", so I don't think this is a game for kids. It creeped me out.
 | Added on: December 8, 2011
This was your standard hidden object game. I especially liked the graphics and the story line. The mini games weren't too hard but you had to think your way through, also. If you like hidden object games, I would recommend this one.
 | Added on: December 5, 2011
While I did like this game, I was disappointed with the lack of HO areas. I also didn't care for the Stragedy guide. You had to leave the game in order to access it. The hint button was helpful in HO areas, but not when you were figuring out what to do next. Another issue I had with the Guide was that it was pictorial. It was difficult to find where you needed help if you didn't follow the guide beginning to end.
 | Added on: December 5, 2011
We really enjoyed the different kinds of puzzles. And the searches were interesting.
 | Added on: December 6, 2011
DISCLAIMER: I only played the free trial (SE). If you, like me, were expecting a beautiful game with fantastic graphics, challenging mini-games, and an engrossing plot because it was made by Alawar (same developers as Sacra Terra), then you, like me, would be sorely disappointed. This game is little more than a rip off of Dreamland, but not nearly as well executed. You play as a detective who is looking for another man whose vanished after visiting an abandoned amusement part. I think the best thing about the game is the graphics, it has a suitably foreboding atmosphere in accordance with the plot. While the pros of this game are few, the problems with the game are legion. First is the plot, which is not only unoriginal, but rather weak, with a killer clown, a shady owner, and the Norse god Loki inside a 45 album. Another problem is the mini-games. They are rather easy; they aren't much of a challenge to experienced players. Weird Park also only has one mode of play so there not much incentive to play the game again once you finish it the first time. There isn't much about this game to recommend it, so I'm giving it a 2.9. I suggest to complete the trial before buy.
 | Added on: December 9, 2011
This game has some good things going for it: It is a long game, with a wide assortment of puzzles. The graphics are good, and the mini-games cover several levels of difficulty. While similar in concept to "Dreamland", it is not nearly as well done. The HO areas are well crafted, and the objects not too difficult to find. I feel that this is an excellent game for players who are fairly new to HOGs. I enjoyed the game, but I found the back-and-forth travel between scenes to be a bit tedious. The storylines on HOGs have been getting better, but this one is really closer to a comic book than a novel. Overall, I felt that the "quantity" of gameplay made up for the few "quality" problems. While not a five star rating, it's at least a solid 4.5.
 | Added on: December 12, 2011
the graphics in this game are great. the little joker is PERFECT. the way he runs and hides, and the noises he makes. the park is deserted, but the graphics make it very detailed. love the music. even the little monkey that gives you hints is kinda creepy. great HOG. i did get confused at times b/c of having to move back and forth from scene to scene, but that didn't take away from my enjoyment of this game.