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 | Added on: August 17, 2015
The factories and farm animals did not have enough room. You need to get rid of some in order to build additional ones. The seeds did not last long enough and you could never hire any help. The game is also too repetitive. I gave it a chance but it did not improve.
 | Added on: October 7, 2009
Depending on the kid, it could be VERY kid-friendly. Be forewarned...the farther into the game you get, the tougher and more speedy it gets. We loved it but to others it might feel like too much work for a game. These games are so subjective; best to try it out for the free hour and see if it's your cup of tea.
 | Added on: October 20, 2009
This game would have been alot more better if, it gave you more space to work with on the farm. The game gave you alot of different foods to grow, and alot of different resources to make other things to sell, but it didn't give you ample amount of room so that you can sell all the goods and food on the other side of the farm. You had to get rid of one facility to build another when the best way to do it and to make it even more challenging was to allow for more space so that you can have all the facilities to work with, allowing you to make even more money. To me alot was missing in this game and it felt like it was just thrown together at the last minute! :(
 | Added on: December 11, 2009
This game was absolutely the worst farm game I ever played. It really takes forever to get anywhere in the game. It is really confusing. You have some orders you can complete sometimes for farmers who want your grass for their cow, etc. You also have animals you can buy in this, but I haven't got nowhere besides getting the cow., because it takes forever to buy anything. You also have to worry about getting seeds. I think there are only five of them in a pack and everytime you need to shell out $50 or so dollars to buy more seeds when you are a poor farmer to begin with. It takes time to get anywhere in this farm game. In other games where there are levels. I don't know what there are in this. If there are levels I didn't get past level 1 yet, because it takes too long to get anywhere. You can also go to the market and sell your supplies, but that really doesn't get you anywhere because then you have to buy more seeds. I really don't see where this game is any fun. All the other farm games I have played are 100 times better than this. Example: Farm Mania

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