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 | Added on: February 24, 2012
A bit of a no brainer game with limited places for the defences , each level is very short with no strategy needed. I didnt like the 3D attempt the graphics are trying to achieve
 | Added on: February 24, 2012
Unstoppable Gorg has one of the most deliciously cool storylines and video of any casual game I've ever played. The voice overs are perfect, the music is exactly right for the mood of the game, the entire thing is just the neatest trip in the way-back machine to the Sci-Fi movies of the 1950's. Unfortunately, there's this little problem of gameplay. The first few levels seem pretty good, but the difficulty soon ramps to near impossible, even set on Easy mode. Once placed, it is very difficult to tell your tools and fighters apart, they all look so similar. This is also an issue with the opposing force. Although you get a good "cast of characters" before a level, so you know what you'll be facing, there is no way to tell what kind of stuff is actually coming at you, so you have to guess at the weapon to use against them. By level 21, even after attempting completion multiple times, I'm not even close to winning it. I've tried tons of different strategies, but nothing seems to work, and there's no walkthrough or hint system to help me out, I just have to keep trying. This wouldn't be nearly as frustrating if the design and implementation of this game weren't so awesome. I can't stress how incredibly cool this game looks and sounds. What I wouldn't give for this design team to get together with a different gameplay team and have them create the ultimate tower defense game! As it sits right now, Unstoppable Gorg is a gorg-eous mess. Still worth downloading and playing, if only to watch the super-cool cutscenes.
 | Added on: March 26, 2012
Think of Unstoppable Gorg as "Orczz as ETs" or "Plants/Zombies in outer space!" The theme is excellent, the story is superb! The vidclips are like scenes from the Original Flash Gordon with Buster Crabbe! The shortcomings, regrettably, are in the game itself. First, the tutorial is weak, and does not prepare you adequately for solo encounters with the Gorg. Second, it's almost random as to where to place your defenses, since you hardly know the enemy, the direction of attack, or the enemy capabilities. Third, you have to make your own selections without that intel. So, in many ways, it's almost random. The potential for a smash sequel is great, but more work is needed for this to be more than a flop. Meanwhile, build your generators, your research labs, and your Vulcans - and hope!

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