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 | Added on: August 27, 2012
The only reason I did not give this 5 stars is the lack of directions. If you've played Garden Defense or any similar games, you'll be fine, but I got my husband involved in this game and he really needed some help a the start. He's as addicted as I am now. One improvement I would like is to be able to move my defenses around, even it I had to pay to do it. There are some levels that I have tried a dozen times or more to defeat without taking any damage, but haven't yet succeeded. I WILL keep trying. I do like that I can pause the game at any time in order to upgrade and buy new guns. Since the waves come extremely fast in some levels, this is a life-saver. Otherwise, I'd find myself with lots of money and no time to build up my Army. Love this game!
 | Added on: August 19, 2012
My Grandsons and I love this game. It is challenging enough for me and still playable by them. Good job you guys! How about updates?
 | Added on: March 2, 2013
i have played the whole thing twice still havent conquered all levels very fun
 | Added on: August 11, 2012
I was skeptical to try it because it looked kind of cartoonish, but I'm glad that I deceided to try the demo. Stragety comes into play with ther positioning of your forces. You have to select the best upgrade for your for force based on what is available. The way you develope and deploy your forces will determine the outcome of the battle. You must also pay attention to the map (you need to anticipate how enemy forces will enter the board). Suggestion: Get a large artillery gun as soon as possible. They knock out tanks quickly. You also need to keep an eye on your forces. If they take hits, they will die unless you repair them. This is such a refreshing entry from the standard HOGs and M3 games. I only needed about 15 minutes of demo to make up my mind to buy the full version! Great playability, the game just goes on and on...! Please give us more like this!!
 | Added on: August 17, 2012
The concept of this game is interesting. It reminds me of Garden Rescue. However, the game's directions are only pictorial (like Ikea directions) and therefore I found it frustrating trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. Not worth the aggravation.
 | Added on: August 11, 2012
In today's computer gaming world, seemingly increasingly inundated with nothing but Hidden Object and Time Management games, this game was a welcome breath of fresh air for me and anyone who desires more of a Strategy Game and a break from HOGs and TMGs. If you enjoyed Garden Defense, Monster Mash, Garden Rescue, or even Plants VS Zombies as much as I did, you will embrace this new tower defense strategy game with a toy soldier theme. I found myself forgetting toys and imagining a WWII battle scenario which also may appeal to War Game buffs. Game play is familiar with increasingly difficult waves of attacking foot soldiers, tanks, and planes from which you must build your defenses to neutralize attackers and save your base. As you succeed you earn stars which can be used to upgrade your defense capabilities to make further waves more manageable. I found the first six levels relatively easy to make "Gold" but from then on increasing difficulty makes you have to rethink and sometimes replay the battles to achieve better scores because the more attackers that make it through to your base, the less stars you'll earn which makes advancing difficult if you can't improve your forces. Graphics are adequate for game play, however, I found there was little explanation of how to play and except for good description of available upgrades, most "game navigation" buttons were symbol based with no identifying text which takes some getting used to and trial and error for those of us "symbol challenged" gamers until you begin to be familiar with the game. I am only about half way through the 1st of the two multi-wave battle scenarios but I am still addicted and eager to play and achieve gold on all levels if I can. This is a less "cutesy" version of a tower defence game than the aforementioned games and even though it's supposed to be a "toy" soldier theme serious war games might also find this game a worthy diversion from their usual fare. I love the fact that you must really plan your defense and manage your resource budget to succeed. I've been playing for several hours each day since this game was released and find time passes unbelievably fast because I get so absorbed in the game. This is a game I will return to and will no doubt enjoy even more as I open up more defenses through play. So take a break from HOGs and TM games and put on your General's cap and take charge of your forces!

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