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 | Added on: August 13, 2013
This is a TM game in the style of Royal Envoy and Sweet Kingdom, not like most of the resource TM games. On most levels you have to create something like 30 ice creams or dolls and the like, which means building the various buildings that will get you to the end result. For example, to make the dolls, you need a wheat farm and the sheep farm. So, sometimes you have to destroy the existing buildings and build new ones. One negative about the game is that there isn't a help screen that tells you what buildings are needed to make the various items. Sometimes, you need to feed an ogre or give a troll various items in addition to the main goals of the level. Sometimes, there is a lot of clicking involved as you have to click each building to have the tax person go to the building to make the milk or wool or whatever. To collect the resource itself, you just move the cursor over it, which is fine. You can't chain tasks, so that takes time as well. But the time allotted is pretty generous and you don't run out of it no matter how long it takes you to meet the goals. One good thing is that regardless of the number of stars you earn for the level, you still get to build the viking village that was destroyed. (Unlike say My Kingdom for a Princess games which won't let you build the castle unless you get gold on a level.) The map is unusual; it's 4 levels built around a ginermous tree, and instead of a ship carrying the little Vikings to each level, they use a shipshape balloon. The map also moves from one map level to another without finishing all of the map levels at one time. I love the graphics, especially the colorful and lush map screen. One negative with the graphics is that sometimes it's a bit hard to see what needs to be given to the orgres or whatever; it would be nice if it would tell you as some of the graphic symbols are really tiny and hard to see. Oh, there's a dragon that sometimes causes trouble and burns a building once in awhile; also some earthquakes destroy some buildings, so they have to be repaired. One glitch at least for me is that thus far when 2 different levels loaded, they were completely covered by fog so you couldn't see anything. I had to exit the game and go back in again to get them to work. A minor annoyance. Like I said, the only real negative is the lack of a help screen.
 | Added on: August 21, 2013
Unlike most of the games of this genre, 90% of the play is building production paths and collecting the product. There are whimsical ogres continually blocking your way, and you have to manufacture the items they want before they will let you pass. Often this requires building the facilities for the raw materials and single process materials before you can get to the more complex items. Finally, you end up having to tear down your completed construction chain to make room for a different production chain. In this way it is more like Virtual City than Viking Brothers. These are very steampunk vikings, by the way. You can complete all the levels without regard for the time, if you wish, but to get a 3 star rating on each level is really hard! The animations and art work are nice. The tutorial is annoying, but I found the information to be too important for me to turn it off. In short, I found the game engaging enough to pay for it, and interesting enough to repeat levels to try to better my score, and found it enjoyable to the very end. The story line was negligible, but the play was fun.
 | Added on: August 14, 2013
This game has good graphics and is kind of fun, but I'm finding it extremely competitive. How many cheese can you make?
 | Added on: August 21, 2013
The first thing I noticed was huge similarities with Royal Envoy, which was very ok to me. Then I met some tasks that were similar to those in Farm Frenzy. I mean you have to get some buildings that produce some things that you need to produce another things in another building. At first sight it looked like a good idea, but in fact not. I like very much both games, but not together... Anyway it's a good gameplay and it's worth giving it a try.
 | Added on: August 16, 2013
As TM games go this one is OK, but I agree it is pretty much the same board and different quantities of items over and over. Nice if you are looking to kill some time, but not very much to hold your interest for long periods of time unless you just need a mindless activity.
 | Added on: August 9, 2013
gr8 TMG. love the graphics. the way the candle flickers and the pages turn in the story part of the game is cool. you have to collect resourses, build houses/factories/mills...you have to clear the roads...this game is fun and challenging. the only con for me is the sounds the workers make. the sounds are somewhat annoying after a while...gr8 job on this game...

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