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Reviews of Tearstone
 | Added on: March 26, 2014
I played the trial version and was hooked -- so purchased. Having a great time playing this. It has a twist and the play is somewhat different than any other HOG I've played which makes it more interesting. Scenes are appropriate for the location, but so far they are not so dark that you cannot see things. I can strongly recommend this game.
 | Added on: March 27, 2014
Frustrating, made no sense. Everything you needed was very tiny & very dark. Most things you need to connect make no sense & without the hint button would never have connected.
 | Added on: March 27, 2014
I really disliked this game when I first started playing it. I thought it would be one that I started and then never went back to. The instructions are lengthy, and there is definitely a learning curve. But the more I played, the more involved I got. Some objects have to be combined with others to make a third object. But the more you do it, the easier it gets. I'm quite eager to get back to it. (The floating islands look really familiar to me, though I can't place the games they appeared in. Don't know if it's the same developer.)
 | Added on: March 27, 2014
Normally I love HOGs that require you to use one object in your list with another in order to move ahead. But I found in the 10 minutes I managed to stand this game that a lot of the 'Magic Mixes' made no sense whatsoever. There is no indication of what screen you can find a given object in, so you may end up squinting at illegible scenes for a good while before you move to a different room and squint at THAT illegible scene for a while instead. I found it too annoying and the graphics to simplistic and complicated at the same time to waste more than about 10 minutes on it. It may have gotten better, but I wasn't willing to give it another chance.
 | Added on: March 27, 2014
At the beginning of this game, there is A LOT to digest - 5 different cursors, a magic mixer that you put 2 items in and mix them up to create another item. I was confused at first - but I stuck with it and I started to get it and could appreciate the effort to be a different HO game than what you're used to. There were only like 4 or 5 true HO scenes. The rest is a grid at the bottom of your screen which is your inventory. Items are grayed out until you find them. An item will be marked if it needs to be created using the magic mixer. It wasn't very hard to get around - you don't need a map. There's a back button you use which I liked. The only thing I didn't like is that the hint button was not overly helpful. It would say "Nothing else to do here", etc...Sometimes I had no idea where to go next. The graphics were good and I liked that there weren't any cheesy voiceovers. You just clicked and read. The mini-games were really easy - so easy that I never had to skip one and now I can't remember if you could skip them if you wanted to! :) There's a lot of good mixed in with the bad - if you would like to be entertained for a few hours with a game that's not your typical HO game, this one's for you!
 | Added on: March 26, 2014
I don't know if this is an old game re-released or a new developer? Lost me right quick reading the many long complicated directions in the first scene telling you what to do with what. It was difficult to figure out what object to pick up to do something with it to a different object when one couldn't graphically recognize what the items were in the first place.
 | Added on: March 27, 2014
This game is difficult to classify, it kind of is a hidden object game, but has a point and click adventure feel to it. You search for items (silhouettes and names), but not necessary in the same scene. Sometimes you have to combine items to make something new. There are some puzzles, inventory based as well as normal puzzles. There were a lot of times where I did not know what to do next and the hint was not very useful, so I had to get some tips online a couple of times. It appears to be a game which is already a few years old, but I had not come across it before. I found the story a bit lacking and the game was not very long. I did enjoy this game as it was a bit different, definitely not average, although quite frustrating at times. I give the game 3,5 stars, but rounded up for being different.
 | Added on: March 31, 2014
Like other reviewers, I found this very difficult to start with, not knowing what I was meant to be doing or where to go, and no, the Hint didn't help a bit. I stuck with it and after a while I did have to find a walk through for it, but only because I really had no idea what to do next! It's quite a charming little game, with some olde worlde characters straight out of a fairy tale, and I loved it for that. I played this over a couple of days, which is unusual for me - I usually finish them in a couple of hours and end up frustrated with no game to play! I think you should try it - it may not be the tried and tested type of HOG but I think it's a nice change from all the junk piles you come across in some games (no names). g'wan, try it - you know you want to!

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