Stray Souls - Dollhouse StoryStray Souls - Dollhouse Story
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Reviews of Stray Souls - Dollhouse Story
Budica | Added on: April 25, 2011
I really enjoyed this game. It was spooky and the puzzles and story are interesting. The HOG scenes are pretty creepy. Not for small children, but I would recommend it for adults and teens.
cps108 | Added on: April 18, 2011
This is a fantastic game. Great graphics, great interaction, great hidden objects, great story line. One of the top five HOGS I've played and I've played a bunch. Well worth it and can't wait for another like it.
Takethater | Added on: May 11, 2011
Another great HO game as well as finding objects to help you out to seek other objects to progress. The HO games are clear so you shouldn't have too much difficulty finding things, There are two reasons for not giving it four stars. The first is finding the "Beyond" objects in every scene. Great fun looking for them, but absolutely pointless. No bonuses and no clue as to where you've collected or not collected so that's a shame. I only picked up 27 out of 36. The other is that there weren't enough puzzle game - in fact I'm struggling to think if there actually were any. That said, a great game with lots to do and a great map to show you the way.
NDSpacer | Added on: April 18, 2011
Great HOG. I didn't find the objects difficult to find in each scene, the best challenges were to figure out what inventory items were needed to problem solve and advance in the game. Enjoyed the story line, graphics and audio. Super job.
xyzlealea | Added on: April 25, 2011
I enjoyed the game, but thought it was too short and the plot wasn't very well developed.
AutumnRiley78 | Added on: April 28, 2011
For a HOG this is one of the best I've played. I'm not a fan of hidden object games but this one has such a great story line that it didn't matter! I recommend this game for kids and adults alike!
jocote | Added on: May 19, 2011
Had great fun playing this game. Challenging and entertaining
ferretfuzzy | Added on: April 21, 2011
game to short and easy. graphics were good, plot was easy. okay game for something fast.
nhenry8181 | Added on: January 31, 2013
The involvement this required was awesome. The story line was very enjoyable. This one was one of my all time favs.
PRISCILAT | Added on: April 22, 2011
Excellent, original and addictive. The graphics are beautifull and the sound is amazing. I love it.
Retha7th | Added on: May 5, 2011
Loved the fact that it was not too difficult. I really enjoyed playing this game!
Ris25 | Added on: April 14, 2011
Wow, this has got to be one of the best HO games I've played in a long time. The graphics are incredible and it's one of the first HO games that actually have short video's that play during the game. The story line was good and the charaters were even better. Great game.
Liriks | Added on: October 13, 2011
This wasn't a bad game at all. Shame that it's so short, though, because I'm a programmer myself and I can imagine the time spent on this game. I don't think it's worth the purchase, though. If it would come with a few minigames or something, maybe. The story line is great, but the drawback is the length. It's not a very long game at all.
mzdaisee | Added on: June 29, 2011
This game has an intriguing story line that kept my interest up to the end. It was easier to figure out than most I play, but the level is good for children around 10 or 11 years old who are not frightened by the story. I would not recommend it for children who are sensitive to abuse issues and scary pictures. Personally, I wanted it to keep going and get the characters safely home, so I expect more of the story to follow. The ending was pretty abrupt.
drknow | Added on: April 18, 2011
This was a pretty good game overall. Lots of objects to find and use, nice storyline. I gave it 3 stars because I'm an avid h.o.g player, and this game was not challenging enough for me, the mini games were super easy too. I will say this, I have played three times trying to get all of the 'changing objects'. I keep missing 2.
CrznTJ | Added on: April 20, 2011
This was a good game, I played straight through in one day. I found it to be pretty challenging, that's why I couldn't walk away except for small breaks. There were times that I didn't know what to do next....but eventually I figured it out. Items in the HOG were easy though. All in all, the game was fun.
marymak | Added on: April 21, 2011
I had a hard time walking away from this game. I wanted to continue playing until it was solved. I have many games to play, but I kept coming back to this one.
cakeplayer | Added on: April 18, 2011
I thought this game was just too dark and gross. I don't want to play anymore of the evil type games. Come on game makers. Make something where we don't have to look for cockroaches and skulls in hidden objects. How about something uplifting!!
Harlowe1962 | Added on: June 20, 2011
It wasn't for me. I dont like clowns. There have been a lot of good reviews.
PipCat | Added on: May 18, 2011
If clowns freak you out then don't download this game! I must have started this one 2 or 3 times & just wasn't getting into it but one rainy Sunday afternoon I began again & was hooked. Lots of places to explore & objects to find to solve puzzles in order to progress. Story was compelling & made me want to keep going to see what was going to happen next. Length of the game was just right so there's good value to it. Totally enjoyed this one & recommend you take a look - unless you really don't like clowns. One other note: I agree with another reviewer about the Beyond Items. There's nothing in the instruction about them & after going through all the trouble of finding them you're just left with the satisfaction of knowing you found all of them. What's the point?
CathyPrice | Added on: April 18, 2011
Great game, very interactive, good movement within screens. made you want to stay and play !
haley458 | Added on: April 22, 2011
Loved this game - and everything about it ... the challenge level, the graphics, the spooky-ness... except ... did anyone else find it odd how nice she was to the creepy clown hanging out in the demented toy store in the abandoned, evil town??
Linda1956 | Added on: April 21, 2011
If so, play this game with the music on (I usually turn the music off on most games). Talk about creepy!!! I admit, I did turn the music off once after dark and my husband was not home from work yet. This is a great, original game with wonderful graphics and a really original story. I wish it could have been a bit longer, but this is one HOG where I didn't need to constantly consult with a walk through because the directions, items, clues, everything lead you where you needed to go. Absolutely amazing, fun and the best part, no vampires!!!! Just don't play it with the kids; they'd have nightmares!
katiewkids | Added on: April 25, 2011
Great Great Game. Good games, great graphics, super storyline. Want more HO games just like this. Bravo to the maker.
Mommie84 | Added on: April 22, 2011
I really loved this game but I think it should have been longer
kylakitty | Added on: July 21, 2011
I'm not at all big on storylines in games but this one was okay. There were some laughable "yeah, right" moments to it, but it was tolerable. Definitely an abrupt ending. That said, the objects were not difficult to find; most can be found in every scene without the use of hints. The artwork is good and there's just the right amount of "find this then do that" movement from location to location. The puzzles are just challenging enough to be difficult yet not frustrating.
JMR247 | Added on: June 6, 2011
Amazing Game! Not enough words to describe it! Amazing storyline, graphics and often it feels like you are in a real movie. You will definitely jump a few times and I don't scare easy! The game itself is challenging but not overpowering that you get frustrated! Worth every penny and look forward to a sequel or more games from this publisher. Best game I have played so far!
NewfiePrincess | Added on: April 22, 2011
I loved this game! Every now and then I find a game that I can't walk away from...this was definitely one of those games!! Great story that kept you interested from start to finish. Objects were well hidden, but not so hard that you get tired of looking. Love this game and definitely recommend it!!!
pattypaws | Added on: May 9, 2011
This was really a great interactive game. The games I like most are like this one - lots of interaction with objects and places. Great graphics and story. This is one I will play again.
Deviarich | Added on: April 15, 2011
If you like scary this is one for the books. Since I love games like this I had fun . I wish there were more games like this. If you are weak at heart be awear of things popping up it can give you a small shock. lol
SUZsaysHi | Added on: April 18, 2011
Once I started playing this game I did not want to stop. Good storyline, exceptional graphics, good music and clues to help you in your journey. I will be purhasing this one
natalia2235 | Added on: April 19, 2011
I love hidden object games and this one was very entertaining! The graphics, story line, puzzles, etc. were all a fun and challenging experience.
MoniqueStuivy | Added on: April 21, 2011
Enjoyed playing this game even the second time around.
nvyank | Added on: May 9, 2011
I would have given this game a 10 star just for the creep factor. I could only play this during the daylight hours. It was great!!
Eerie | Added on: April 18, 2011
at first i tot it's just another typical hidden object game but i played it anyway because of its eerie theme... yet i found it has an interesting plot that soon get me engaged, only a few hidden object scenes are repetitive, the searches & the puzzles are not really difficult, and of course you can choose the difficulty level...
sosborneknight | Added on: October 17, 2011
This is the best HOG I have played in years. The graphics & storyline have an element of surprise, and there is a good mixture of hog scenes & puzzles. You need to remember places on the journey as there is some going back & forth, but its worth the effort. I have been playing the members free game but will buy the premium version, as I would be happy to play again. Would not recommend storyline for children.
wintercrone | Added on: June 2, 2011
fun fun fun.. and it was interesting .. loved the story line and found the game to be one that does make me think
DCinMI | Added on: April 15, 2011
I love this game! I was intrigued by the dollhouse theme, and downloaded the game the first day it came out at GameHouse. I had already used my Fun Tickets for the month, but after playing the demo for about half an hour, I went ahead and purchased it anyway, so I wouldn't get bumped out when the demo time expired. I don't usually care about the stories in these games, but I found this one interesting. The game length was good. It kept me occupied for the better part of a day. At one point I thought, “Oh no! I must be near the end.” But I wasn't—not by a long way. There are lots of H.O. scenes and other puzzles and things to find. I found it challenging, but not frustrating. There is a map that lets you know which scenes have things for you to do. You can't travel via the map, but that's not a problem. You can't really get lost. If the map says there's something to do, but you don't know what, it means you haven't looked close enough at something in the scene. You can set the difficulty so the hints will recharge after 1 minute or 2. I set it for one, but two would have been fine. I didn't have to use the hints that often, and usually when I did it was because I got impatient to move on, not because it was that difficult. The mini-games are challenging, but not impossible. After a certain amount of time you can skip the mini-game if you want to. I will definitely be playing this game again. I was anxious to get started when I played the demo, so I stopped the tutorial. I was some way into the game before I realized that there are 36 “Beyond Objects” to find throughout the game. I think the way to tell what these objects are is that they change while you're in the scene. If you see something change shape or color, click on it. I don't usually review games, but this one impressed me. I highly recommend you give it a shot.
DarkDragon | Added on: April 19, 2011
The story is very interesting, with all elements of dark, mystery, and supernatural. The graphics is beautiful, the first thought that came to my mind was: Heck, how many hours did those guys spent on the scenes? It is very well done and detailed. The music and atmosphere are also very well articulated. They create a feeling of suspense, eerie, and downright creepy. And the clown is the creepiest XD. The HO scenes are very great and objects are well hidden, though it is not very hard. The hint recharges very fast, 1 minutes for casual and 2 minutes for expert mode. The map is useful in telling which places have tasks to be done, or you can keep clicking the hint, it won't cost it. It will show where to go and where to interact. There are not so many mini-games, the game is heavier on the HO side. Figuring where to use the objects is probably the hardest part and require some thinking, but it is not supremely challenging. There is a good amount of playtime, with many twists and turns that will glue you to the monitor and mouse. I almost reached for the tissues when I watch the ending though >-<. I highly recommend this game to those who love HOG + mysterious/eerie adventure. They should make more games like this.
Fanob | Added on: May 12, 2011
good HOG, with interactive chores. Not for kids or Clown Phobics. Some objects hidden a bit too much, but hints readily available..Journal not much but Map handy. Haven't finished yet, but length seems about right..downloads nice and fast compared to some HOGS.
Grumpycurl | Added on: April 21, 2011
This game is poorly organized & difficult to navigate. I'm sorry I bought it.
kellamy | Added on: December 6, 2011
I really liked this game- it had just the right amount of creepiness and it made you think. I'd love to see more creepy games like this one. The only thing I have negative to say is that I thought it was a bit too short. But maybe I was just enjoying it too much- it kept me up till the wee hours of the morning because I couldn't stop playing! Not too easy and not too hard- just right! And did I mention it was wonderfully creepy??
Anath | Added on: August 17, 2011
This is one of the few HOGs I've thoroughly enjoyed. The graphics were good and scary. The ending was weirdly abrupt but, otherwise, this game was engaging and fun. Not so hard you want to give up but not too easy, either.
VforVictoria | Added on: April 14, 2011
I've been waiting for a good HO game lately, thank you! Enjoying it, good HO's and good puzzles and fun unique story.
roxy50 | Added on: April 18, 2011
This game was exciting and had plenty of playtime.Enjoyed everything about it. Just wnen you think you are done you are off to another adventure. Great job, keep them coming.
wahlberg1945 | Added on: April 18, 2011
I have never written a review, but this is one of the best hidden object games I've played!!!
TAR671 | Added on: April 21, 2011
I was beginning to think, that this was going to the year of the bad or really bad year for HOG games! In my opinion. this is the best game that has in offered in 2011. I would not recommend this for younger children, due to content though. Play this game, I believe that you will enjoy it very much.
Graymater | Added on: May 2, 2011
Amazing graphics and an interesting story. It was a little easy for me and ended way too fast.
Beji | Added on: April 25, 2011
I liked it. I had to go back and forth and look at the map a lot, but it was fun.
Denisep | Added on: November 17, 2011
The screen shots are definitely creepy, the story line is interesting with a good twist at the end. Really good variety of hidden objects and activities.
karir0703 | Added on: May 19, 2011
Walk away if clowns freak you out. This game won't help with that. the story is ok. It was interesting but wasn't a Wow! so, that's what happened. Personally, given the story, I would have left my husband in the creepy town and started over... that said, if you like hidden objects along with things you have to put together to get further in the game, you might like this one. It's not great for kids unless you want them to have nightmares. I've seen better HOs and worse ones. I'd say it's in the 3-4 star realm but not a 5 star. Once it was over, I didn't want to play again.
marbleann | Added on: April 18, 2011
I am a big Mystery Case Files fan. I have to say they are my favorite HOG's. That is my main complaint about Gamehouse, they don't offer them. Well this game has now joined my favorites. It is a very odd game. It has the usual story, someone looking for another person. But the game makes the story interesting. Young women gets married but her husband disappears. She goes back to his hometown and the action starts. You work with a sock type doll that throws hints, I mean literally throws dirt at the hints. I love it. I grew close to the poor thing by the time the game ended. And they gave us a explanation why it was so helpful, that made sense. The town has a carnival, a graveyard, a train, a police station, and a orphanage. You have to work your way through the various places to get to the main destiny, the orphanage. The odd thing its not only do you have a sock doll throwing hints, there is a doll house that apparently was her hubby's house while growing up. You acquire different dolls in which you put in the house and it tells a story about what happened. I loved that the game was not too difficult., Sometimes HOG the objects are so hard to find it distracts from the game. It wasn't too easy either. The Sock Doll got a little work out. The mini games were suitable that you do not require a physics degree to solve. The first mini game was my favorite. the problem solving was sufficient for this game and like if the objects are to hard to find it distracts from the game. If the problem solving has no logic it too distracts from a game. My only complaint is I wanted more. It was way too short IMO. And not to give anything away I want to see that sock doll again.
zenobia13 | Added on: October 17, 2011
When this came up as the free game of the day I downloaded it, but decided not to purchase it because so many reviewers complained the game was too short. Later I was sorry! I finished it in a few days, but I rarely get to spend more than 30 minutes at a game at a stretch, and I don't know exactly how long it took to finish. I didn't think it was as short as many other games! In fact, when I thought I'd come to the end several times, the story continued! The graphics are superb, although quite creepy, and for a change I actually found the story quite engaging. There are no real mini-games, but those are so often annoying to me, and frequently have trickster angles that require a trip to a walkthrough. This one has loads of puzzles and back and forth action (collecting keys and other devices) and while I won't purchase it now that I've completed it, I will play it again, despite the commercials!
joolz104 | Added on: May 5, 2011
Bit scary for kids and still haven't managed to finish it properly after 3 attempts!
WildCherrii8 | Added on: May 2, 2011
LitaB | Added on: April 20, 2011
Overall it was a good game, I finished it in 3 hours.
cma032572 | Added on: May 1, 2012
I've never left a review to a game, but this game was soooooo good I just had too. Loved it was sorry it ended.
new2gamesNloveit | Added on: May 29, 2012
This game has a wonderful creepy story that sucks you in right from the beginning to the end! The graphics were fantastic! The puzzles were a little challenging and the hidden object scenes were just about right...for me any way. I only wished the game lasted longer! I believe this is the fourth game I've played by Alawar Entertainment...and it's been a phenomenal four games by this company! Everything about this game is great! The length is perfect..I had to stay awake to finish it only because it hooked me and I needed to continue..., the graphics are gorgeous, the storyline is good and very creepy...puzzles not too hard nor too easy. You have the option to skip or not and there's a map and journal with a hint button if needed! Definitely not kid friendly though! Loved this game...The Alawar Entertainment Games I've played so far...Are exactly what I love! Thanks again to Alawar and to GameHouse!
esky997 | Added on: October 13, 2011
This game was one of the best HOG games I have played. It keeps you thinking, the entire way through the game. Nothing was extremely easy. I love that part. Some of these games you play them and just know what your next step is, where the next thing is and how it will turn out. this game, you didn't. I thoroughly enjoyed it. From beginning to end, from challenge to the next. I was glad the forums were here as well when i got stuck, which i did a few times. So i recommend this game to anyone that likes to have to think about what they have to do next. Great game.
Yosemite009 | Added on: June 1, 2011
Good puzzles and a nice, dark storyline make for a good game.
amyeve700 | Added on: May 3, 2011
Best game I've bought. Can't wait to play it again. Very fun...but very creepy!
threemurphyboys | Added on: May 6, 2011
I have a very bright 6 year old and he could not only play the game but loved it. It is pretty easy as an adult but does require some thought. It is not as challenging as some we have done but overall all my kiddos loved it. My older kiddos loved it...they are 8 6 and the younger one enjoyed finding the object...he's 3. They all said this was the best game yet! We would deffinetely recommend it!!
embrisa | Added on: August 18, 2011
I thought this was a really good game. The graphics were beautiful, the game didn't have you running back and forth from spot to spot like a wild person and it was very manageable to solve the puzzles, etc. I enjoyed it and the story line very much!
Piratewench52 | Added on: April 18, 2011
I downloaded this yesterday and finished it in one sitting. Not very challenging and could have lasted longer. I liked the concept though and was entertained by the game.
sportygal2009 | Added on: April 18, 2011
Wow! I must say I was hooked to this dark side type of a game right from the get go and held my interest to the very end. This is about a newly wed couple Danielle and Sam. A package arrives at the door with a doll and Sam ends up disappearing so Danielle must find him of course with the doll's help as that is the guide (hint) to help you get through the game. I LOVED the story and I agree with the music really sets it for this game. Right on and very well done. Great graphics as well. This is an IHOG/Adventure type of game play that can be played in casual or expert mode. There is no switching between the two while playing the game. I started off in casual but found it too easy so since I wasn't too far into the game I switched to expert mode by creating a new profile. The only difference between the 2 modes expert just takes a minute longer to charge the hint (doll) and skip. Also doesn't show interactive scenes just the HO scenes. This game also had very few puzzles which was fine by me. HO scenes I only need a few hints. The interactive scenes did get a little thinky but far from challenging or complicated I also didn't ever refer to the map that other reviews talked about so no comment on that. I did the journal. I also didn't realize the beyond objects until I got a little ways into the game so I only located I believe 26 out of the 36. Normally I don't replay games but this one is worthy of doing so to see if I can find them all. OMG! And I must comment on the clown in this game. Though it doesn't look exactly like Pennywise from Stephen King's IT sure made me think of that clown. Oh and the doll? Kinda creepy in a great way I mean thatl LOL! A huge kudos to the creators here. This definitely ROCKS and is the bomb in my opinion. 5 stars all the way in my book. So if you like the dark side type of a game give it a whirl and decide for yourself. I hope you enjoy!
Grumpuel | Added on: May 2, 2012
A young man with a past answers a knock at the door and vanishes. His wife finds only a box on their porch. Inside is an animated rag doll who says he will help and directs her to drive to a strange town. She awakens after a crash to find herself in an eerily empty town with only a sad little boy to offer advice. Her adventures lead her to discover what happened to the town, why there is such a creepy emphasis on clowns and puppets, and what secret her husband had suppressed. Urged on by wanting to find out what happens next, the game player visits many beautiful and strange scenes, works some fairly easy puzzles, and, of course, clicks on a lot of hidden objects. Ambient fog, wind, smoke, insects, rustling bits of cloth keep scenes looking as though there might be a lurking menace. Scenes are painted in a variety of colors, often emphasizing the decayed neglect of the town and suggesting a madness of at least one of its occupants. This good long game spins a fantastic tale, and it is among my favorites.
1toomany | Added on: April 18, 2011
I really enjoyed the story line in this game. It kept you involved and wanting to find the solution. I also liked the fact that there were different objects to search for in the hidden object scenes.
lre7 | Added on: April 19, 2011
I loved this game! HO objects not too easy or difficult to find. Mini games fun and do-able. A lot of back-and-forth, but that seems to be the norm now. Replay seems to involve finding mostly the same items. I purchased this with a Fun Ticket and don't regret it. However, I am very disappointed in the "Beyond" or morphing objects, Supposedly, if you find all 36 items, you get rewarded with a prequel game. I've done it twice and get no prequel. Don't know if I'm doing something wrong or looking in the wrong place, but no prequel really disappoints me.
AngelzLi | Added on: May 3, 2011
great story line, nice graphics, objects blended very well with each scene, smooth interface...just all around great game and i thoroughly enjoyed it very much. i think there should have been more scenes to find objects rather then tasks to accomplish finding certain key items since thats what this was suppose to be but i still loved it and would recommend to anyone, thanks for a great game!
mattsbrb | Added on: March 23, 2012
i had lots of fun with this game, i really enjoyed the grafics and the storyline. i wish it could have lasted longer. it was a game that made you think and tested your memory at the same time. i would reccomend this game to anyone wh likes spooky hidden object games that you can play at your own pace
maursipan | Added on: February 1, 2012
This game was really fun! the story line is a little silly but still scary and interesting. The only critique i have is that i wish it were longer! I didn't want the game to end!
cdarbanvee | Added on: February 4, 2013
Another good game from Alawar. Beautiful graphics and the storyline was engrossing, if a little silly. Puzzles were original and not impossible to solve. I think an interactive map would have been helpful but there wasn't much delay clicking from scene to scene. My only gripe was that the game was much too short. I purchased the game after the hour preview and completed it within twenty minutes of purchase. Not a good value. No real replay value here, either unless you want to search for all of the morphing items. I found about a third of them but wasn't really looking for them and it was never clear what finding them all would for gameplay, if anything. I would recommend this title but be warned that it is very short.
bxmamasita123 | Added on: June 16, 2011
i first got the 60 minute trial.i got mad when it ran out.had to go back and purchase.i played it all the way thru.couldnt stop.
mavethrave | Added on: April 14, 2011
This is a IHOG/Adventure game and the music really sets the tone of the game from the start. The storyline is about a wife looking for her husband who has disappeared. The graphics are excellent. You have the option of casual or expert modes. I played the casual which has a faster recharge on the hint and twinkles. There is quite a bit of going from one place to another to find things. There are some morphing objects to find that have nothing to do with solving the mystery but when you finish the game and see you missed some you're going to want to play it again and try to find them all. At least I did. There is a doll that is your guide and between that, the map and the journal the wife is keeping, you can navigate this. The map will tell you where you are and if there is an area you need to do something. The hidden object scenes are very good in that you can see things, they're not hidden in black areas. If you make too many clicks the screen will fill up with orange smoke. In summary, this is a very well done game & if you like IHOG's you are going to love this. It has good music, the graphics are good, the story holds your attention, and there's adventure. Have fun!
Cinella | Added on: January 24, 2012
“Stray Souls” has a captivating storyline and clear graphics. The difficulty level of HOs is just right. The hint button is quite slow to refill. No puzzles to speak of. The clown is kind of creepy and the soundtrack seems to come out from an old horror movie. Overall an enjoyable game.
TnTexas | Added on: April 28, 2011
Overall Impression: Fantastic! It might be a tad bit on the short side since there isn't an overabundance of backtracking, but it's definitely worth playing if you enjoy games that are on the dark and eerie side. Media Description: The graphics are well done, hand-drawn scenes. The music was reminiscent of shows like [i]The Twilight Zone[/i] or [i]Outer Limits[/i]. Both did an excellent job of setting a creepy, spooky atmosphere. Well-done voiceovers would have made the experience absolutely amazing. Too bad there weren't any. Storyline: The story was told through skippable cut scenes. Most of its weak spots occurred at the very beginning; once you got to the town, it became more cohesive and held together pretty well. The ending was a bit abrupt and somewhat unexpected for the genre, but it made for a nice change. Gameplay: This is your typical iHOG/Adventure blend with your standard setup - find something in one area and use it in another. There are two modes - casual and expert. The hints refill in a shorter amount of time and interactive areas sparkle in the casual mode. HOG Scenes: The HOG scenes are your typical cluttered junkpile scenes, but most of the items are pretty clear and easy to identify (except for the rats; they were kind of fuzzy). Misclicking too many times in a row results in a red haze covering most of the screen for a second or two. Minigames/puzzles: The minigames/puzzles are integrated into the story pretty well and can be skipped after a minute or so. Hints: The hints are unlimited, but they do take a minute or two to refill (depending on which mode you're playing in) Will Probably Appeal to: people who enjoy dark-and-eerie games and don't like a ton of back-and-forth in their iHOG/Adventures Will Probably Not Appeal to: people who have an aversion to clowns and/or occultic themes in their games
devi | Added on: April 18, 2011
Absolutely fantastic! This is definitely my kinda game. Now I know why I've always found clowns to be creepy. The graphics and storyline were great. Very eerie scenes. This was easy to navigate, HO scenes were medium to difficult, hint button recharged quickly. Areas you needed to go back to were easy to find (with or without the map). I had such a fun time playing this game. I might even play it again (which I usually don't do with HO games). I highly recommend this game. Enjoy!
Sandy1 | Added on: April 21, 2011
All in all a good game. Alot of going back and forth. Some objects hard to find. I was a little dissapointed in the end but that's just me.
ladyeeyore31 | Added on: April 23, 2011
I just finished this game and I was so sad that it was over. I absolutely loved this one!!!!! I don't usually do reviews but this one deserved one. The music was great, graphics were great and I loved the story line. Sometimes some of the spooky games are too dark and you can't find objects very well, but not this one. It was challenging but you could actually see the objects. I love games that you have to interact with and use some of the objects to solve other problems. This gets two thumbs up!!!!!
Kelili | Added on: April 28, 2011
I really enjoyed playing Stray Souls. I found it challenging but not frustrating . I have to play again so I can get all the morphing objects. Could have done without that huuuge spider [great graphics by the way] but absolutely will play this game again.
lbrinkey | Added on: June 23, 2012
I enjoyed this game immensely. The graphics, storyline, and gameplay were quite good. The game length was decent as well. I liked the combination of hidden object, mini puzzles, and seeking useful objects. I would recommend it to anyone who likes this type of game.
xxgabbalabba | Added on: September 14, 2011
The game was very abrupt and short, however, it was a good playthrough. It is very jumpy, though-- only until you get used to it, then you'll be fine. I enjoyed the creepy aspect of it, but it wasn't as scary as I had hoped it to be. I don't recommend this game if you have a fear of clowns, however.
lovegames000 | Added on: April 18, 2011
Loved the storyline, like in a good movie. Just enough mystery to keep you involved and surprised when the game revealed the true identity of the characters. Easy to follow clues as you move " through " the game. Challenging enough to keep one's interest peaked. Finished this game the day is was downloaded. I love a game that you can move from scene to scene with ease looking for clues and solving puzzles. Keeps it fun and interesting. The graphics were colorful and easy to view.
AidensCoolMom09 | Added on: April 18, 2011
This game will give you the creeps!I love scary HO games and this one certainly gave me a run for my money!The story line is different but great non the less!Its not too challenging but you can skip some puzzles if you find them too difficult!
marylilou01 | Added on: April 28, 2011
Stray souls is interesting not too tricky. I just plaied the "easiest" game not the "hard" one so i'll tell you later
redaf | Added on: March 17, 2013
I did not download this game for a long time as I was a little put off by the whiole evil clown thing, but I finally played it hoping it would be great as there were so many reviewers that liked it so much. The graphics were nice, ho's and mini games interesting and not too difficult. Hints weren't needed much but were available readily if you got stuck or needed a nudge in the right direction. I liked it ok, but probably will not play again.
MrBee | Added on: October 13, 2011
Good graphics,no nonsense hidden objects [ like golf balls the size of basketballs].A refreshing change despite the fact I didn't like the clown.
Chamsta | Added on: February 18, 2013
I thought this game was would be much better based on the reviews but I was pretty disappointed. I know games like this have cheesy stories but this one was just too ridiculous and lame for me. It was also entirely too short, it didn't even take me two hours complete, and it was a bit too simple. I did like the hidden object scenes and was glad there were a lot of them.
Natales | Added on: February 5, 2013
This was a good game. The mini games were good and the HO were not hard. I wish that the map gave a little better direction, but overall I enjoyed it.
Daffy14s | Added on: May 16, 2011
Excellent Game, wonderful Intriguing Story Line, Graphics are great. This story just sucked me in i didn't wanna quit playing till i finished the game. I hope to see more like this, Would highly recommend this to anyone who loves the twisted scary type of games:D
necie | Added on: April 15, 2011
I have played hundreds of HOGS before this, but this game is up with the best. Great graphics, very original storyline, challenging scenes for finding objects, and very well constructed clues. Not so much reliance on mini games in this one, which is fine because sometimes its just the same old, same old. Map & journal well done and easy to follow. Really loved this game
lorish | Added on: June 16, 2011
Loads of fun and challenging at the same time. Really liked it!
referralwoman | Added on: April 18, 2011
I really liked this game. It wasn't the regular HOG game. You had to find, collect, and then remember where to take the things you collected so you could use them and collect more items. The story was good, and when you think the game is over it isn't. More play, yea. Good things: NO time limit, casual or expert play, great grafics ( I played this on a netbook and had no problem seeing the HO screens), and unlimited hints. Bad things: It ended, I could have played this game forever. When I finish writing this, I'm going to start another game and play again.
emi1 | Added on: April 19, 2011
interesting. lots of locations. story suspensful. i find that i really want to know how this one ends.
pritipaige | Added on: November 7, 2011
I actually really enjoyed this game. The creators did a fantastic job of creating a spooky and chilling mood. The graphics were actually very good, as well as the video scenes and transitions into new areas. There was a mix of hidden objects as well as puzzles and interactive areas, so you never get bored. There is a lot of back and forth though, that will require you to remember what area certain things are located in. The story isn't forced like so many games, and it isn't too predictable. In fact, several times you will think you have completed the game, only to find new challenges for you to conquer. The characters, soundtrack, and look of the game really help you to quickly become involved in the story. Every scene has that eery, gothic style feel to it that has you wondering if the creators are going to throw out a little scare eventually. The length of the game is actually great. Some of these games tend to skimp on the length when the quality of the game is higher, but not this one. They saw to both areas quite well. Once I started playing this game I didn't stop until I had finished. I have played it twice more since then.
z00keeper | Added on: August 18, 2011
Basically a fun one but I finished in one evening.
edtech30 | Added on: April 22, 2011
Great creepy adventure/ HO game. I was bummed when it ended. Wish there were more like these!
janeaustenfan | Added on: May 9, 2011
After a few hidden object games on Game House had turned me off, this one re-instated my love for them. Such a neat story and the graphics were supberb. I liked how when you got lost, if you clicked the hint button it would show you the way to go. I hope that the makers of this game do a similar one soon! =)
sdngry | Added on: April 15, 2011
One of the best HO games I've played in a while but it was too short. Although the progress of the story was at a good pace, the ending was a bit rushed. Worth playing.
MaudeO | Added on: April 15, 2011
If you like games that are involved and somewhat challenging, and you don't mind if they're a bit on the creepy side, then you have got to try this one. This game is very original and it makes you think, but it's not so hard that you'll give up. You shouldn't have any problems figuring out what you've overlooked, not with the map and the hints that are actually helpful. That can be so frustrating with some games (useless hints), but not this one. I'm going to replay this game, there are objects I still want to find. It definitely deserves a 5. :)
Khastle | Added on: May 10, 2011
I absolutely loved playing this game. Definitely one of my favorites. The images were creepy and fun and the storyline kept me interested. I only wish that it was longer.
Skid | Added on: August 18, 2011
Don't play this if you're easily scared, and don't play too late into the night, you will have nightmares! Brilliant unique, seriously creepy storyline, a good balance of standard HOG with puzzles/extras - I especially loved the dollhouse play/story bits, really different. And the characters! Superb graphics and sound/music adding to the wickedly scary atmosphere. A definite top 10 for this year!!! Ok, the ending was a bit short, but thats all forgiven, this is a brilliant all round HOG game. Highly recommended if you liked to be creeped out while playing HOG - similiar to The Campfire Legend series or DeadTime Stories!