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 | Added on: October 5, 2010
This game was such a refreshing change of pace from the usual. Not that I haven't loved some of the creepy HOG's like Exorcist or Asylum Conspiracy but every now and then it's nice not to have to fish through a jar of eyeballs. Witty and whimsical with wonderful music, graphics plus a very funny heroine.
 | Added on: September 30, 2010
My kind of game - a distinctive and slightly zany HOG which at least goes one step beyond the 'find everything on this list'. You actually have to do a little bit of thinking and revisiting which is always refreshing. The artwork is quirky and interesting, as is the whole general conception really. You want entertainment? This will provide.
 | Added on: September 27, 2010
I really enjoy this game. I am sure it is a fairly short game based on how quick the levels are, but it is still great. Going back and forth between worlds was cool and I really like when you have to find different parts of each object. I very much enjoy this game :-)
 | Added on: September 28, 2010
I just played this game in one day. It took about 3 hours straight. I loved that each of the objects I was looking for had a use. This is the type of hidden object game that I crave. There were many scenes within scenes and some movement back and forth as sometimes you had to have an action occur before you could complete the previous scene. The mini-games were fairly easy with clues saved for you, which I appreciated. Hints were available and refreshed quickly, although I was able to complete most scenes without them. I look forward to a sequel.
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
Loved everything! The Steampunk homage, the characters, graphics, even the music was excellent, but espacially the multi scene/room game play, very cool! Not just a straight forward HOG, you need to use a bit more of the grey matter to figure some of the puzzles out. Thank you! Will be def purchasing/playing this one again, a new fav of the year so far. ;))))))
 | Added on: September 27, 2010
I enjoyed this game because it is not the common hidden object where you simply look for items in different scenes. It is like the Mortimer Beckett series in that you find pieces of things you need and put them together to solve puzzles and progress in the game. More like this one would be very welcome!
 | Added on: September 29, 2010
I loved this game. It was so much fun. The graphics are just plain quirky and fun. Also the music was great. I really enjoyed the interaction in this game.
 | Added on: July 18, 2011
I truly enjoyed this game. There is nothing easy about it and it makes you think. Ususally I only play Time Management games but this one was worth the change.
 | Added on: October 20, 2010
Generally, I found this to be a very good game. I thought from time to time that a level would never end. as new locations kept appearing in the scene. I too found the ending quite abrupt and look foward to another game in this series. I recommend this game for all levels of gamers. The challanges are trying at times but, solveable at all times. If you fail to keep track of the numbers that you find, you will have to back track form time to time.
 | Added on: June 1, 2012
J'aime les jeux d'objets cachés mais celui-ci dépasse et de beaucoup les autres jeux d'OC par la clarté des scènes, les couleurs et la grosseur des OC. Un très bon équilibre entre la recherche des OC, les énigmes à solutionner et le va et vient entre les scènes. Pas trop facile, pas trop difficiles mais un défi intéressant. Je le recommande très fortement.
 | Added on: September 30, 2010
Wow. What a nice, refreshing, entertaining game. I wasn't that impressed with the storyline, but that did not deter from the enjoyment of the atmosphere. Quirky Steampunk design, great music, and nice graphics. It took a while to get used to jumping back and forth through the mirrors and seeing an alternate reality to gather hidden objects and solve puzzles with objects collected. The hidden object part was pretty easy, until you had to start solving some stuff to find the rest of the HO bits. Some were easier, some were quite challenging, but I was determined to get through it without having to use a walkthrough (which I didn't ... almost, though!). The hints helped pull me in the right direction when I got stuck. I look forward to the next chapter in finding the Snark!
 | Added on: September 27, 2010
Took me less then 4 hours to finish this game. It IS pretty, but the searches are NOT challenging, or plentiful. It's at it best, half of a full game. The concept of passing through a mirror to complete certain things I loved. I do look forward to seeing what the second part of the story will look and play like...
 | Added on: September 30, 2010
This is a game that requires you to use your noggin! The story line was fascinating.. and you feel like you're rooting for either yourself or the main character in trying to capture a creature known as Snark - whatever that may be. I won't tell you what happened at the end.. You'll have to play to find out. The only problem I had with the game was that some of the objects are a bit tricky to find, and some of the mini-puzzles are also the same. You really have to sit back and re-think of how to solve the puzzles. I love the colors, the dialogue, and the game play itself and it's worth the time at nights for me to play.
 | Added on: August 4, 2011
This game is addicting! I couldn't stop playing it, and downloaded the sequel as well. It is fairly long playing and somewhat challenging because you have to find parts of pieces instead of the whole thing. I love the mirrors and different worlds, and hope that gamehouse puts out more games like this in the future.
 | Added on: August 18, 2012
still playing--finding some of the objects is difficult for they are small, but thanks to the hint button all can be found.
 | Added on: October 5, 2010
I'm not all that into HOG games, but this one was pretty good. The storyline was a little much, but most of the objects weren't really hard to find. Sometimes it was hard to figure out what to do next, & some of the puzzles could be solved before the clues were found, but overall, I enjoyed this game enough to finish it. I probably wouldn't buy this game, but I played through on my FunPass
 | Added on: October 7, 2010
This game had a different slant which I enjoyed. I liked how you moved back and forth in different scenes in order to solve the puzzles. I'll be looking forward to the next in the series!
 | Added on: January 23, 2013
Marvous back grounds and animation, Really Luv'd the mirror warps into the other world, great sound and music,I really enjoy HO'S with full and fragmented parts, It was really entertaining, and replay worthy, i highly recommend this game and Out of all the GH Games I have this is the first time I took the time to write a review, That's really sayin' sumthin'
 | Added on: September 30, 2010
Didn't like this game at all - not really hidden objects - more hidden bits of things to accumulate & assemble - graphics very boring & no story to keep you interested
 | Added on: September 28, 2010
Loved this game! Loads of fun and great graphics. I could not stop playing till I was done. Have to really pay attention to detail and look hard for the objects.
 | Added on: September 28, 2010
I loved this game although I did have to use a lot of hints. Some of the HOs are really hard to find and blended with the background and objects. I will definatly play it again.
 | Added on: October 1, 2010
Great game! Nice twist on the hidden object genre. Good puzzles and great graphics. Novel story line.
 | Added on: September 27, 2010
Can't remember the last time I've enjoyed a game so much. All the different areas that it gave me to explore and solve. Thanks for the challenge.
 | Added on: September 28, 2010
From the storyline and characters to the scenes, artwork and music, I enjoyed everything about this game. Normally I skip through dialogue and storylines but this one was funny and engaging. Each scene requires some thought to complete the actions required to move to the next scene. HOs are piece parts. Some are very obvious; others so well hidden that I had to use hints. Fortunately, the hints recharge quickly. If you're looking for a fun challenge, this game is for you; definitely worth a five star rating.
 | Added on: June 6, 2011
I really enjoyed this game. I guess there is a sequel coming out because of it's ending? I will be watching for it.
 | Added on: September 27, 2010
It's not often you have to check all of the above boxes, but this is a cracker of a game. There's a lot to love about this game, and very few minuses. I did find it very challenging in places, but it's possible I was just having a brain dead day. Most of it was just about right, difficulty wise. The hint button fills up pretty quickly, and for once the hints are actually very helpful and give excellent clues as to what you're supposed to do next. It's very unlikely you'll get stuck for too long on this game or need to resort to a walkthrough. It is a very off-beat and unusual game, very inventive and original, with some great NEW mini games which was refreshing. All of the games and puzzles are enjoyable, although some of them were quite difficult, but there was a skip feature if you got stuck. It's not a standard HOG in the sense that you have to collect pieces of items to solve the puzzles, but they are all relatively easy to find and assemble. The game also shows clearly how many bits are left to find and what they look like, which is a big plus. What I particularly liked was that it showed you which scene you were supposed to be in so that you didn't wander about between scenes, wondering if you were in the right place. One very original feature was the mirrored room scenes, where actions taken to solve a puzzle in one room wouldn't become apparent until you'd gone back through the mirror to reality. A very clever twist. The graphics were beautiful and the overall feel of the game very pleasant to play. I only stopped playing because I was literally dozing off over the laptop, otherwise I would have played on until I'd finished it. The only tiny gripe, and I'm being really mean here, is that I found the TV broadcasts in the middle a bit irritating, but you don't have to watch them if you don't want to anyway. All in all an excellent HO/puzzle game that will really get your brains working.
 | Added on: June 14, 2011
This game has a good premise but is too clicky. You have to find pieces of objects which is really difficult. The only fun in it is moving things to find pieces. Games are fun and you get to skip if you need to but most are easy enough to figure out. If it weren't for the little tedious pieces you had to find, I would have rated it higher.
 | Added on: September 28, 2010
I did enjoy this HOG very much. It was very entertaining. Liked the opposite world effect. It was fairly easy to find most of the objects but if you got stuck, the hint button really was a hint button that told you where to look without trying to guess what it was telling you. There were enough instructions as you passed your cursor over objects so that you never felt lost in a giant maze of areas to explore. The graphics were well done also. Good choice GH.
 | Added on: September 29, 2010
Definately off the beaten track for a hidden object game. This game was just easy enough to be enjoyable at a relaxed paced with just a bit of a challenge with a fun attitude great for younger players.
 | Added on: October 4, 2010
I must have this game - I wish my credits would hurry up and get here. Very addictive. I like how your actions in one area affects the results in another. At times they make it too obvious and at others, I needed to use the hint button. A few of the items were very difficult to find but that flaw was overshadowed by the fun I was having. The characters are beautifully rendered and remind me of Royal Envoy's illustrations. Although, this game follows the pattern of other HOGs, it is different enough to make it refreshing. Thanks, Alawar, for a really good game.
 | Added on: April 13, 2011
Absolutely loved playing this game and cant wait for the next addition.
 | Added on: September 28, 2010
This game was fun and whimsical. This game can confuse you for awhile going in and out of mirrors and doing three different rooms at the same time to get what you want from another room you haven't finsh yet. But it was fun and very different. Hats off to the creaters of this game. Keep up the great work. This is a winner in my book.
 | Added on: October 12, 2010
here's another HOG where u have to move from place to place putting together items that will help u along ur path. definately challenging to find the pieces. having the names of the items show when u moved the cursor over them helped me a lot when trying to figure out where in the scene to use them. it was cool how u went thru the mirrors to a backwards world. very interesting story. the music was a bit annoying. the graphics ok. makes 4 an interesting game tho...and boy is Kira's waist SMALL!!!!!
 | Added on: January 24, 2012
I am definately in the minority here, try as I might I just could not like or get into this game. To be fair the artwork and graphics are lovely and I really liked the thru the mirror concept of the opposing world. The music is also enjoyable, but thats were the enjoyment stopped for me. I usually dont mind the pieces hunt instead of finding the entire object, but this game seems like thats all you do. Even tho most pieces are fairly easy to find, the last few of each were very difficult and I had to use the hint button much more than I like. It's very easy to figure out what to do with the assembled objects, however the tedium of trying to find all the pieces just was'nt doing it for me.I only played for about 45 minutes before I decided to end my missery. By the reviews lots of you liked it and I hope many more will enjoy this game, but it just was not for me!
 | Added on: October 8, 2010
THOROUGHLY loved this game! Finding pieces of the objects rather than the whole objects reminded me of the 1st two Mortimer Beckett games so fans of those games will love this one. I also liked the fact that the objects you find are all used in the same room in which you find them (with very few exceptions) so once you've assembled all the pieces you just need to figure out how to use them in that room. Loved Kiri (does anyone else think she looks A LOT like Claudia from Warehouse 13?!) - graphics were great. Hints were plentiful and recharged fairly quickly although I didn't feel the need to use the hint system very often. There is no time limit with this one so take your time and enjoy it. I didn't experience any penalties for "overclicking" either. Play the trial or use FunPass - you won't be disappointed and may even end up buying it! REALLY looking forward to a sequel on this one!
 | Added on: February 15, 2011
Overall Impression: A fun game that moves along nicely. The storyline could have been developed a bit better, but the game was still fun. Media Description: The graphics were nice and bright. I don't remember any voiceovers, but it's a couple of weeks since I played the game so I might have forgotten about them. I don't remember the music being annoying so it was probably ok. Storyline: The storyline was pretty well done. A couple of times I thought it lose its way and just meandered around, but that didn't happen too often. The ending felt a tad rushed, but not too badly. Gameplay: This was a FROG, not your regular HOG/IHOG game. Thankfully most of the pieces were fairly easy to find. The game was divided into seven chapters which consisted of four or five different scenes with several different tasks to accomplish. HOG Scenes: While there were no HOG scenes, there was a misclick penalty that temporarily disabled the cursor if you clicked in the wrong place too many times in a row. Minigames/puzzles: The minigames/puzzles were integrated into the storyline pretty well. Most (if not all) could be skipped after a couple of minutes. Hints: The hints were unlimited but took a little bit to refill. In addition to telling you where a fragment was, the hint system could point you in the right direction when you couldn't figure out what you needed to do next. Will Probably Appeal to: People who enjoy FROGs and games with a quirky, steam-punkish atmosphere. Will Probably Not Appeal to: People who prefer the traditional HOG/IHOG format
 | Added on: February 17, 2011
The worst game I have ever played. Particularly because I could not finish it. The hints are not appropriate and do not help, they just show things you know. I like to play for relaxation and fun, this is not that way. I got so stuck on the gongs, even after hitting them numerous times as fast as I could and getting nowhere I had to end the torture.
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
I really enjoyed this game. Not a standard HOG as you are looking for pieces of puzzles. Very good story line. The only thing that kept me from giving it a five was that some of the objects were impossible to find. I highly recommend this game to any one who likes a good HOG workout.
 | Added on: January 5, 2012
The visuals are fabulous, the entire game has a really great style and an entertaining concept. It's pretty long and can be rather involved. the puzzles aren't entirely intuitive, but the hint button's good. Worth the price and the time. Nothing changes from replay to replay, so you might get tired of it, but it's always fun to come back to later. some of the hidden details are hilarious! You can even fiddle with the menu buttons.
 | Added on: April 4, 2012
This game is so much fun. I wasn't certain I would like it but was hooked almost immediately. I even enjoy the music which I usually mute! It's got great graphics and it's not difficult enough to require a walkthrough although it still requires logical thinking and a keen eye. Not your average HO game but that ended up being one of the aspects I enjoyed the most. Really good fun and I would recommend it to anyone.
 | Added on: October 12, 2010
All in all a fun game! Enough to where it kept me playing it for 3 hours straight. I did finish in one day, and was disappointed that we never got to see what a snark was BUT they said it was to be continued so maybe another game is in the works? I did like it enough on my fun pass but if I had to buy it I probably wouldn't just because of the ending. Overall love how you have to search for parts of clues instead of the one clue, and be sure to have a piece of paper and pen handy, you WILL need to write down numbers! I had fun and will do the next one as well. :-)
 | Added on: October 4, 2010
Well so far it looks like a few of us didn't much care for this game while most enjoyed it and well I happen to be one of the few - didn't much care for it. Far from "wowed" or "impressed" me much. I'll definitely agree though the graphics are pretty nice and loved going through the mirror as well. I'll give it that much. ; ) In this game which I only played 20 minutes maybe because it just wasn't holding my interest but what you are doing is finding pieces to items to assemble and move forward. I've played many games pretty similiar to this but this just wasn't holding my interest to continue. Most pieces pretty easy to find, did have to use a couple of hints. Give it a whirl though as you may enjoy which I hope you do as many have so far however just not for me. I found this game to be very boring and the so called story far from held my interest. Far from being the worst game I've downloaded but I've definitely played A LOT better.
 | Added on: September 28, 2010
I was looking for a game to kepp me occupied for the afternoon, and I happened upon THIS game. It is GREAT.
 | Added on: September 29, 2010
Loved it! my favourite game of this year, along with the mortimer beckett series. funny, original, had everything i like in a game, such as finding pieces of items and needing to do other things before items became available. not too easy and not too annoyingly difficult, will definately be playing this one again! cant wait for a second installment.
 | Added on: October 4, 2010
This is a terrific game. It wasn't like the typical hidden object game where you had to find all the items in a list. Instead you were looking for parts to assemble to complete various puzzles in the game. The music was fun, and graphics were great. The game requires you to be creative in solving the various puzzles, and move frequently between alternate worlds. Looks like this is the first in a series, and I'll definitely play the next edition.

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